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We sit down for a chat with YouTube sensation ScrewyLoops aka. Chris Davenport! Here at Theme Park Insanity we still

Secret Weapon 9 aka. SW9 and the future of Galactica (formerly Air)! In this brand new article we will attempt

2010 Intamin Family Drop Coaster located at Alton Towers, Staffordshire UK. In our opinion this 2010 addition to Alton Towers

Why do we absolutely love The Smiler at Alton Towers?! The Smiler which is possibly one of the most infamous

Kumali – 2006 Vekoma SLC located at Flamingo Land, North Yorkshire UK! Let’s face it, Vekoma SLCs don’t tend to

Nemesis – 1994 B&M Invert located at Alton Towers, Staffordshire, UK! “Sit back, It’s Fright Time!!” You can guarantee that

Mumbo Jumbo – 2009 S&S El Loco located at Flamingo Land, Malton, North Yorkshire UK! Ahhhhh Mumbo Jumbo, You little

Smell the Fear! Sampling the Thorpe Park Fright Nights Aromaprime Fan Collection! Can you really smell fear?! Does the addition

“The time has come for the Wicker Man to rise, together we shall feed the flames!!” ‘Be Chosen!’ You have

Why we can’t wait to ride this fantastic new addition and what we think the future will hold for this

Well hello everyone and welcome to our official website! I’m thrilled to be able to finally bring you a first