Theme Parks to Reopen from April 12th!!

Theme Parks will finally be allowed to welcome visitors once more as of April 12th with all legal social limitations finally being lifted by June 21st!

Finally, after holding our breaths and obeying the rules for the last 2 to 3 months we have at last been given that all important date we have all been aiming towards!

As of April 12th (the date set in the prime minister’s 4 step easing of lock down announced in Parliament earlier this afternoon) theme parks and other outdoor settings will finally be allowed to welcome back visitors.

We will however be permitted to meet in outdoor settings with groups of up to 6 people as of March 29th for picnics and other outdoor recreational activities.

This marks a key date not only for enthusiasts, but also the general public as this will mean we can finally get back to having family days out and more importantly travelling to outdoor leisure attractions.

Step two of the proposed route out of lockdown!

This date will also mark the day that the personal care industry can resume business as well as outdoor hospitality including pubs with beer gardens can finally welcome back paying customers.

The most important changes however will come as of the 21st of June when all legal limitations on social contact both indoors and out will finally be lifted enabling a much more ‘normal way of life once again.

All of this of course is (as always) subject to change, and will of course be completely dependent on us all following the rules and the vaccination roll out continuing to prove a success (as it has done so far).

Today marks a significant moment for the population here in the UK and (for once) actually provides a solid timescale for the route to normality which we haven’t received since the start of the pandemic.

Which parks will you be hitting first on April 12th? Let us know your plans in the comments below!