Which UK park do we feel sells the best merchandise?!

Who do we think sells the best merchandise here in the UK when it comes taking home your own souvenir from a great day out?

Who doesn’t love a good bit of merchandise? Are we right?

When it comes to taking home a souvenir or two from your day out at the parks, it’s fair to say that some UK parks offer better options than others.

But which park do we feel offers the best options, and why is this the case?

In truth the merchandise you buy always comes down to your own individual choice, however the most loved mementos definitely seem to come in the form of apparel, mugs, pin badges and magnets to say the least.

Now, the most well known for their high standards and extensive ranges are the Merlin parks (Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, Legoland Windsor and Chessington), however there are of course other UK parks offering merchandise at exactly the same standards (If not better in some cases).

The choice you make doesn’t always necessarily come down to the quality however.

Another major contributing factor which we find helps us form a decision on the items we choose to purchase is the price.

Whilst it’s always good to be able to pick up your desire merch item without thinking about the cost involved in your purchase, this isn’t always necessarily the case.

Picking the best items to collect.

For us, as much as we love collecting the occasional t-shirt or hoodie, we have also found that there are other items which are by far just as desirable and varied in choice as any range of theme park apparel.

In the last year or so our go to items have become pin badges and fridge magnets.

Now, when it comes to these slightly smaller and much more affordable collectables there is one other defining factor aside from price that forms our decision, and that’s quality.

As great as these items are, there is always the risk they can end up looking a little tacky depending on where you buy them from.

The park that seems to tick both boxes every time for us however definitely has to be Blackpool Pleasure Beach!

Blackpool Pleasure Beach 125th Anniversary Pin Badge

As great as the Merlin merchandise items are, they can in some case be a little more pricey than they need to be in our opinion.

This fantastic pin badge costs just £3.95 from the resort’s online store and also came as part of a 3 for 2 offer as well meaning our entire purchase including shipping came to less than £10.00 overall.

Due to this we were also able to get a further two very high quality pin badges included with our order too at little more than £4.00 in total.

Pin badges are definitely becoming our most collected item to date!
Why Blackpool Pleasure Beach?

So why Blackpool Pleasure Beach?

In truth, the items sold by this park are just as high in quality as the likes of any Merlin Park, however there is also a far more extensive range of items on offer and they boast a much more affordable price tag too.

Although the park sell traditional merch items such as apparel, mugs and pin badges, they also sell some much more unique items too (including 3D printed ride models and authentic ride parts).

Alongside traditional merch items Pleasure Beach also offer a very high quality range of official ride model replicas too.

When it comes to taking home your very own piece of Pleasure Beach history however, authentic ride parts are an absolute must too.

Over the years the park has sold everything from shields taken from the Valhalla boats and Big One track sections to actual monorail cars priced at just £200.00 each.

As well as being readily available to purchase at the parks you can also purchase these through the resort’s oline store too.

Original Monorail cars on offer priced at £200.00

There are of course many other parks offering items just as unique as the ones sold at Pleasure Beach, however in our opinion Blackpool Pleasure Beach definitely tick every box where value for money is concerned.

Other Items worth collecting

As mentioned previously the items people collect will always come down to personal preference, however the most collected will seemingly always be apparel, mugs and pin badges as far as we can tell.

Aside from collecting pin badges and magnets however, we also love collecting mugs too.

"we also love collecting mugs too!"

If it’s something a little more unique and special you crave however then Pleasure Beach’s store is the place to be.

The park have also hinted that something extra special may be on the way with regards to their ride parts range in celebration of their 125th Anniversary which the park will be celebrating throughout this year.

In conclusion, as great as the ranges of merch on offer at other UK parks are, Pleasure Beach’s comes out on top as being by far the very best.

This is due to the fact they seem to have stuck the perfect balance where range, quality and pricing are concerned.

We therefore highly recommend checking out the great range on offer for yourself as there really are some truly awesome bargains to be had where owning your own piece of the action is concerned,.

What’s your go to merch item? Let us know what you love collecting the most in the comments below!