5 Reasons why riding Nemesis is a must!

We count down our top five reasons why we feel riding Nemesis at Alton Towers just simply has to be done!!

“Sit back, it’s fright time!”

Ahhh, those five beautiful words every roller coaster enthusiast is itching to hear each and every time they visit Alton Towers!

Over it’s life time Nemesis (Alton Towers’ Bolliger & Mabillard Inverted roller coaster) has received somewhat of a cult status amongst the enthusiast community (and indeed the general public alike).

But why is this? And why is riding Nemesis a virtual ‘right of passage’ for any want to be coaster enthusiast?

In this article we’ll be counting down our top five reasons why we feel that riding this legendary ride just simply has to be done no matter who you are and where you come from!

"Sit back, it's fright time!" - the official tagline for Nemesis at Alton Towers Resort!
5 -The History!

Nemesis is synonymous as the ride that started it all for Alton Towers as the park moved ever forward and into the modern British roller coaster era.

Originally known as ‘Secret Weapon 3’, (following the first two secret weapons being canned for being ‘too boring’) Nemesis really marked the start of the resort’s now legendary ‘Secret Weapon’ investment saga!

In effect, Nemesis really was a trend setter and although there had already been many iconic roller coasters at the resort over the years it was Nemesis that really marked the start of a brand new era for the park.

The ride is also considered by many to be the pinnacle of ride and attractions designer John Wardleys career (even John’s official autobiography is entitled “Creating My Own Nemesis”).

Nemesis is the original UK B&M Invert (and in our opinion the best!).
4 - Ground Breaking (literally)!

Installing Nemesis at the park was the first ever significant challenge the resort faced where ‘not building above the treeline’ was concerned.

Due to this being the case the park really had to think outside the box when it came to accommodating this incredible new ride at the park.

As a result thousands of tonnes of soil, rocks and debris had to be excavated in order to make way for the new ride’s installation earning Nemmy the title of World’s most intense ride experience”.

The result? Nemesis now sit’s in ‘The Pit of Vengeance’ – a twisted labyrinth of rocky ravines and low to the ground near miss elements that still causes the most hardened amongst us to cringe as you narrowly miss the ground by mere feet!

"Enter the Pit of Vengeance!!" - a specially crafted landscape for a very special new addition.
3 - Face Melting Intensity!

If you think that Nemesis is just another tame British roller coaster then you’re in for one hell of a shock!

Packing a foot tingling 3.5 G’s into the mix as well as speeds of up to and including 50 mph (yes, when you’re THAT CLOSE to the rocks!) this awesome ride will surely leave you feeling stunned and exhilarated.

As mentioned previously upon opening Nemesis was hailed at “The World’s Most Intense Ride Experience”, and to be honest it’s not hard to see why.

Nemesis is a perfect storm of speed, force, near misses and head choppers that will leave all who ride it begging for more as they run out of the exit and straight back around to the entrance (ourselves included).

Although she has very likely had that title taken from her with so many other intensely forceful ride experiences across the world to date, Nemmy still remains one of the most forceful in the UK for intensity as far as we can tell.

Ferocity and Intensity are the name of the game!
2 - Theming is everything!

When it comes to the incredible theme of this ride and elements that make up the theming, Nemesis really is one on her own.

With everything from a catchy and foreboding ride score to a highly unique creature clad station building this incredible ride really does hold true as one of the most beloved ride themes in the UK to date.

Nemesis even had her own accompanying comic back in the day too due to the ride’s popularity and this only helped to further cement this attraction’s epic story line with visitors to the park.

Mixing classic sci-fi creature horror with a sinister government organisation narrative Nemesis delivers a theme that to this day has yet to be beat by the resort in our opinion.

The ride has been so well received over the years since it’s installation in fact that the park even opened up a second attraction themed around the attractions popular mythology too.

Although proving a hit with the general public, the resort later took the difficult decision to close Nemesis: Sub Terra back in 2015 following the tragic events of that year.

Here's looking at you kid! - The all seeing eye of the Nemesis creature herself as she eagerly awaits her next prey to willingly enter her domain!
1 - Night Rides!

During the day Nemesis is frightening enough for most as it is, however when darkness drops and October rears it’s freaky head? Well then, Nemmy is a whole other beast entirely!

Although this ride may be thrilling enough throughout the day as it is, when darkness descends and you can’t really see where you’re going that’s when the Nemesis really comes into her own.

Lit only by red spots and surrounded by dark dipped ravines Nemesis really is one to ride at night as opposed to during the day if you can.

The dark really does make the experience feel all the more intense as for the most part you can’t actually see where you are throughout most of the ride.

Therefore, if you were ever going to pick one reason to experience this legendary coaster alone, then riding it in the dark of night is certainly the way to go! 

After darkness drops Nemesis becomes a whole different beast entirely!

So, there you have it! Those are what we consider to be the top five reasons why riding this ride is an absolute must.

We plan on sharing more posts like this in the months ahead, therefore we really hope you enjoyed it!

What are your top five reasons for riding Nemesis at Alton Towers? Let us know in the comments below.

Thank you very much for reading!