Abyssus – Should You Be Excited?!

Abyssus - Should be excited and what can you expect from EnergyLandia's brand new 2021 area Aqualantis?!

When it comes to fast paced thrills and immersive theming there is one theme park in particular located in Poland which really has set the bar for the theme park industry to date, and that’s EnergyLandia!

EnergyLandia is well known amongst the enthusiast community as a real-life version of planet coaster (in sandbox mode) as the park have opened ride after ride in the last 3 to 4 years alone.

There is however one particular new addition for 2021 making up the headline attraction of the park’s brand new area Aqualantis that has everyone talking, and that’s Abyssus!

Abyssus is a multi-launched Vekoma Shockwave coaster located at the heart of the sunken ancient city of Aqualantis!

This thrilling new ride will captivate both onlookers and riders alike as it soars to heights of 126 ft whilst reaching eye watering speeds of up to 62 mph as it does so!

Abyssus will make up just one of 10 brand new attractions set to open in the brand new purpose built, Atlantis themed area when Aqualantis finally opens to the public later this year.

Other new attractions include Light Explorer – a family Vekoma Boomerang coaster, a Zamperla Mega Disk-O and a brand new diving show which will run daily on the area’s new purpose built lagoon located at the heart of Aqualantis!

Some of the park's official concept art showing Abussys towering above onlookers as they sit enjoying a coffee or two.
So what can you expect?

With EnergyLandia finally releasing the first ever official POV (point of view) on their YouTube channel recently, we finally got our first ever taste of what Abyssus will offer those brave enough to ride when it opens later this season, and we have to say, we’re VERY EXCITED!!

Abyssus looks to offer a perfect storm of airtime, hangtime and speed to say the least.

With so many airtime moments packed into such a long layout, Abyssus will undoubtedly throw riders out of their seat more times than any RMC coaster, however that’s not all you have to look forward to.

The ride also looks to take each and every element with constant speed, and as such doesn’t appear to let up from start to finish.

With two LSM launches (the second appearing way faster than the first), this brand new addition will keep riders thrilled and exhilarated as they traverse a watery labyrinth of twisted steel and well positioned head chopper moments as they race through the heart of the sunken city.

It’s not just the rides pace that’s grabbed our attention either.

Abyssus also features a gigantic vertical loop, a well positioned batwing inversion over the station and a lovely little barrel roll to boot.

what is clear is that this awesome new ride experience will very likely have riders grinning from ear to ear by the time they disembark!

Below are some screenshots taken from the recently revealed POV.

Airtime is aplenty on Abyssus as shown here in yet another little moment prior to the ride's second launch.
dangling at the precipice of the ride's main drop - a 126 ft vertical dive into the Vertical Loop!
Bat wing inversion over the station featuring some fantastic head chopper moments!
So, should you be excited?!


Aqualantis is definitely shaping up to be one of the main highlights of the action packed European 2021 season!

With so much more on offer here than just a major roller coaster (which will be worth the visit alone to be fair) it’s clear that EnergyLandia really are going from strength to strength with each and every year that passes!

The park are of course still continuing to expand and this is shown by the ongoing construction of their next major ride (a heavily immersive Vekoma mine train) which will make up yet another brand new area addition once open in 2022!

Abyssus really is one to ride this season, and for that reason alone we will be making every effort to get out to the park for ourselves when this awesome new addition finally opens to the public later this year.

Here’s what we thought of this fantastic POV when we checked it out for the very first time earlier this week!