Why you should be excited for Kondaa at Walibi Belgium!

Why explain why you should be excited for Walibi Belgium's brand new Intamin Mega Coaster - Kondaa set to open at the park this year!

Let’s be real for a second here, this year is set to see some pretty awesome brand new roller coaster opening up across the world!

There is however one certain new addition based here in Europe which seems to be taking both the enthusiast community and the general public by storm, and that’s KondaaWalibi Belgium‘s Intamin Mega Coaster set to open at the park this season.

Kondaa (the name of which was officially announced by the park themselves across their social platforms on December 23rd 2020) looks by far to be one of the industries most unique additions this season.


There’s a reason that Walibi Belgium’s newest addition has received the amount of attention it has however, and that’s down to the ride experience itself.

Kondaa is set to feature the world’s first none inverting cobra roll which in itself makes the ride incredibly unique, however when you look at what else this ride offers it’s safe to say it’s easy to understand the reasons behind the hype.

This awesome ride will also feature a 164 ft tall first drop with a downward angle of 80 degrees, a top speed of up to and including 70.2 mph, a massively overbanked airtime hill and an eye watering 15 points of airtime overall.

"This awesome ride will also feature a 164 ft tall first drop with a downward angle of 80 degrees"

There is of course far more to this new addition than just the ride experience.

Kondaa will also make up part of a fantastic purpose built new jungle themed area.

The new area will see include a huge station building reminiscent of something straight out of Kong, a hefty amount of planting and some great accompanying theming elements to boot.

A brand new heavily themed tribal jungle area featuring hefty planting and incredible theming elements.

It’s safe to say that the park really have thought of everything when it comes to keeping this incredible new ride and the experience it will provide as immersive as possible at all times.

Even the ride trains themselves have been themed to resemble a huge Aztec style snake and this we feel is a really nice touch!

Intamin are becoming increasingly well known not only for the ride experience their additions provide, however the ride vehicles themselves as well.

Overall, it’s safe to say this wonderful new addition to the European roller coaster line up is by far one of the strongest additions in recent times.

The ride experience not only looks to deliver an intense and fast paced experience, however it also looks to bring together the perfect mixture of thrills and immersion in the process.

The brand new purpose built area for the ride is set to be located on the park’s western edge and will make the perfect addition to this already incredible European park.

We can’t wait to experience Kondaa for ourselves as soon as possible, however will you be making a trip out to Walibi Belgium next year to try this new addition for yourself?

Let us know in the comments below!