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Theme Park Insanity reveals our official Top 10 Bucket List Coasters and explain more about what puts them at the

Theme Park Insanity Interviews YouTube Banter sensation Digital Dan! Out of all of the fantastic theme park content creators on

How to ‘Face your Fears’ when it comes to conquering Horror Based Attractions and Experiences! Fear is a primal instinct

Velocity – 2005 Vekoma Booster Bike Launched Coaster located at Flamingo Land Resort, Malton, North Yorkshire UK! Ahhh, nothing beats

Is The Alton Towers Dungeon a fitting replacement for the former Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ride?! It was on

Icon: The Ride – 2018 Mack Rides Multi Launch Mega Coaster located at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in Blackpool, Lancashire, UK!

Aromaprime Themed Scents Joins Theme Park Insanity For A Chat! Here at Theme Park Insanity it’s become no secret that

Hex – What Does The Future Hold & Why Are Alton Towers in DIRE NEED Of New Flat Rides?! A

York Dungeon – A live actor lead historical horror themed attraction based in York, North Yorkshire, UK! If you’re brave

What do we see the re-imagining of the Pleasure Beach’s most iconic water ride offering once complete?! It is fair

Oblivion – 1998 Prototype B&M Dive Machine – Alton Towers Resort, Staffordshire UK! “Don’t Look Down!”, for all those who

What makes Duel – The Haunted House strikes back the perfect addition to Alton Towers Resort?! Back in 1992 something

Hero – 2013 Zamperla Volare located at Flamingo Land, North Yorkshire UK. Hero definitely has to be the one coaster

We sit down for a chat with YouTube sensation ScrewyLoops aka. Chris Davenport! Here at Theme Park Insanity we still

Secret Weapon 9 aka. SW9 and the future of Galactica (formerly Air)! In this brand new article we will attempt

2010 Intamin Family Drop Coaster located at Alton Towers, Staffordshire UK. In our opinion this 2010 addition to Alton Towers

Why do we absolutely love The Smiler at Alton Towers?! The Smiler which is possibly one of the most infamous

Kumali – 2006 Vekoma SLC located at Flamingo Land, North Yorkshire UK! Let’s face it, Vekoma SLCs don’t tend to

Nemesis – 1994 B&M Invert located at Alton Towers, Staffordshire, UK! “Sit back, It’s Fright Time!!” You can guarantee that

Mumbo Jumbo – 2009 S&S El Loco located at Flamingo Land, Malton, North Yorkshire UK! Ahhhhh Mumbo Jumbo, You little