5 Reasons you NEED to visit Flamingo Land Resort!

We share what we consider to be our Top 5 Reasons why we feel visiting Flamingo Land Resort in Kirby Misperton, North Yorkshire is an absolute must!

It’s definitely fair to say that when it comes to theme parks here in the UK, Flamingo Land Resort in Kirby Misperton, North Yorkshire is by far one of our most unique!

Playing host to a full line up of rides and attractions as well as hosting it’s very own onsite zoo and holiday resort the park draws in hundreds of thousands of visitors per year, some old and some new.

The park was originally established as the Yorkshire Zoological Gardens by former cinema entrepreneur Edwin Pentland Hick in 1959, the park has gone through many chops and changes over the years to become the theme park and zoo we have all come to know and love today.

Nowadays Flamingo Land Resort plays host to some of the countries most unique rides and attractions to date as well as a full onsite resort including caravans and lodges, onsite entertainment, catering and more.

However taking all of this into consideration, what would we put as our top five reasons for visiting, and why is visiting this park an absolute MUST for all fans of the theme park industry?

We count down our Top 5 Reasons why we feel you NEED to visit Flamingo Land Resort

5 - Location, Location, Location!

Flamingo Land Resort is based in Kirby Misperton, just outside the North Yorkshire town of Malton and within half an hours travelling distance either way of Scarborough and Whitby.

For this reason, there is so much more within your reach when visiting the park than just a day out at a theme park.

For this reason booking a stay either onsite at the resort itself or in the surrounding areas when visiting is an absolute must.

Another attraction within literal reaching distance of Flamingo Land Resort is Eden Camp (an authentic world war two themed museum featuring a full scale recreation of a war era camp, memorabilia and so much more).

Of course, a visit to either Whitby or Scarborough would also mean a visit to the coast, and for that reason alone combining a day on park and a day on the beach each and every visit is a must!

There's definitely nothing like combining a walk on the beach at Sands End in Whitby with a day on park at Flamingo Land Resort!

4 - Mixing Education with Fun!

As mentioned previously, alongside a full theme park offering Flamingo Land Resort also plays host to it’s very own onsite zoo too.

The zoo offers visitors the chance of coming face to face with well over 120 different species of animals to date.

The zoo’s onsite residents include everything from a full pride of Lions to a family of tigers, sea lions, penguins and even a certain flock of birds the resort happens to be named for.

Dotted throughout the zoo however are numerous information boards telling visitors everything there is to know about the residents animals and wildlife.

You also have the chance to talk to some of the zoo’s dedicated zoo keepers too, and this means first hand accounts of what it can be like to care for the zoo’s many different residents.

Overall, a visit to the park’s dedicated zoo can be both educational and fun at the same time.

The park also carry out a whole host of dedicated conservation work too.

3 - Something For Everyone!

With over well over 50 different unique rides and attractions, there really is something for everyone at Flamingo Land Resort!

From huge thrills rides and roller coasters to small family rides and flats, Flamingo Land Resort offers guests the chance to get that much needed thrill fix no matter how old you may be or what walk of life you have come from.

For us, there is nothing better than boarding Flamingo Land’s very own Vekoma SLC (Suspended Looping Coaster) Kumali!

There are however many other equally thrilling rides and attractions on offer as well including the UK’s only S&S Worldwide El LocoMumbo Jumbo and the UK’s only Vekoma Booster Bike CoasterVelocity¬†to name but a few.

The park also offers some great ride additions for the younger ones out there too with the park’s most recent prehistoric area Dinostone being the highlight of the offering available for the younger thrill seekers.

The park also offers some great transit rides and systems too including a sky ride linking the park and zoo, a monorail offering the same and a smaller monorail located within the zoo itself overlooking the animals.

Overall Flamingo Land really does offer something for each and every visitor they receive through their gates.

ride offerings for the smaller visitors to the park located in the zoo's entrance.
The one and only Alpha Male of the park - Kumali.
2 - Let Them Entertain You!

As well as offering some truly awesome rides and attractions, Flamingo Land Resort offer some of THE BEST dedicated theme park entertainment located here in the UK too.

From The Pirates of Zanzibar to Sea Lion shows and even evening entertainment located at the resort’s purpose built indoor entertainment venue located at the rear of the arcade behind Cliff Hanger the park really do put on some of the best shows at any UK park.

We can’t talk about the fantastic entertainment without mentioning the amazing team of professionals behind it (minus the animal shows as they are conducted by other professionals), and that’s Pure Entertainment Group!

Pure Entertainment really do add that extra depth of professionalism to the resort’s onsite entertainment when it comes to authenticity, quality and originality.

Overall, we highly recommend taking in a show or two when visiting the park!

Be sure to take in a Sea Lion show when visiting the resort!
1 - One to Watch!

Let’s be real here, we can’t talk about Flamingo Land and not mention the new addition for the 2021 season right?

The park are set to open their brand new roller coaster ‘Inversion’ (name and theme still yet to be confirmed) – an Intamin Multi Inversion Coaster this season.

With an investment of this size being added to the park’s ride line up however it’s clear that the resort have far more than just the addition of a new ride in mind.

What does appear to be clear here is that the park have seemingly placed future growth at the forefront here, and an investment of this size will surely secure that at the very least.

Flamingo Land Resort has also continued to go from strength to strength in recent years too, continuing to pull in crowds of visitors each and every season regardless of the current climate or obvious circumstances.

This in our opinion seems to suggest that when it comes to growth within the UK industry, Flamingo Land is definitely feeling on par with the likes of Paultons Park or any Merlin owned park for that matter.

For that reason we’re more than certain that this season’s newest addition really is the shape of things to come from this amazing Northern UK park!

"The shape of things to come!" - 'Inversion' - The resort's 2021 addition!

So, there you have it! Those are our official Top Five Reasons that we feel visiting Flamingo Land Resort is an absolute must!

If you have yet to take a trip to this awesome UK park, then we highly recommend doing so as soon as physically possible.

With so much to look forward to from this season as well as so much already there that just has to be checked out Flamingo Land is (in our opinion) one of the best parks in the UK for the full family offering.

With that in mind what are your top five reasons for visiting Flamingo Land Resort? Let us know in the comments below!

Thank you very much for reading.