Merlin Annual Pass pre-booking to resume as of March 8th!

Pre-booking for Merlin annual pass holders to return for the 2021 season with brand new limitations being applied!

With most (not all) Merlin Annual Pass attractions officially announce to reopen as of April 12th in line with the recent announcement made by the government concerning outdoor attractions Merlin have today announced the return of pas holder pre-booked entry for the 2021 season.

This time around however some changes have been made to the system which are hoped to not only increase availability across all of their attractions, however promote fairness across the board too.

The brand new booking portal which will be found through their official site has been announced as going LIVE as of March 8th and will include booking limitations to ensure an increase in chance of being able to book your ticket for your desired date.

This means that booking any more than 3 tickets per attraction, per pass at any one time will now be strictly prohibited ensuring a much fairer distribution of entry pre-booking tickets for pass holders all round.

Here is the official announcement made by Merlin across all of their social media platforms earlier today (Friday Feb 26th 2021).

official announcement made by Merlin across all of their social media.

Although the current situation is of course improving steadily day by day we still feel reduced capacity is a necessity in the grand scheme of the attractions’ plans for 2021.

It has also been announced that a further extension on all passes will be applied to all passes up until April 9th when all monthly payments will resume automatically.

We feel this new approach will definitely benefit pass holders as it will encourage a much fairer booking system all round and should ideally reduce disappointment for pass holders being unable to visit their desired attractions in the months ahead.

As previously mentioned outdoor attractions are set to reopen as of April 12th, however we don’t see indoor attractions such as The Dungeons, Sealife and Madame Tussauds being permitted to reopen until at least May 17th.

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments below!