Chessington officially announce brand new Croc Drop ride!

Chessington World of Adventures have today released an official concept teaser for their upcoming 2021 drop tower Croc Drop!

In 2021 those brave enough will soar to new heights before plummeting feet first into the gaping jaws of Sebek – the Egyptian Crocodile god as they fight to free themselves from the (literal) jaws of death!

Croc Drop is a thrilling new immersive drop tower experience coming to Chessington World of Adventures in 2021.

The ride stands in the former spot of the resort’s former Huss Top Spin Rameses Revenge and will help bring the newly refurbished area forward into a new lease of life.

Today however (Tuesday February 16th 2021), after months of steady progress has taken place on the construction site, the resort finally released the first official teaser trailer for their brand new attraction.

The brand new trailer (seen below) in our opinion definitively captures the essence of everything this brand new ride experience is meant to encompass.

It features a fantastic concept image overlaid with a distinctly Egyptian themed score and the presentation of the ride’s new logo towards the end.

The whole trailer lasts only 18 seconds from start to finish, however that’s definitely sufficient enough to grab your attention and make you hunger for more!

Although Rameses revenge will indeed be sorely missed by both the general public and the enthusiast community alike, Croc Drop is sure to prove a worthy successor as it looks as though it will wow both onlookers and riders alike with it’s intricate detail and very unique appearance.

We can’t wait to check out this brand new addition for ourselves later this season and we look forward to finding out how this ride is received upon opening by all who have the chance to ride it.

What are your thoughts on Croc Drop? Are you looking forward to experiencing this for yourself? Or do you think the resort should have stayed with Rameses Revenge?

Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments below!