The Alton Towers Soundtrack – A Full Review!

Theme Park Insanity reviews the brand new IMAscore Alton Towers Soundtrack!

It’s safe to say that out of all the music within the theme park industry Alton Towers Resort in Staffordshire, UK really does have some of the most iconic scores and soundtracks to date!

Therefore when IMAscore  (an industry leader and producer of some of the resort’s soundtracks for rides such as The Wicker Man, The Smiler and Galactica to name but a few) announced last month that they would be releasing an official soundtrack for the resort every theme park enthusiast worth their salt was chomping at the bit to own their very own piece of the action!

After a week of teasers from IMAscore and the resort alike the news finally dropped that the CD would finally see release on the 20th of July 2020 the night before causing fans of the theme park to go into a frenzy each fighting to be one of the first to own their very own official Alton Towers soundtrack!

Now, if there’s one thing that Alton Towers Resort is known for the most it’s the sheer magic that this wonderful UK theme park resort possesses both with the younger generations and the older generations alike.

Whether you’re voluntarily surrendering to the will of the Beornen or Soaring to galaxies unknown with Galactica this fantastic soundtrack will enable to you relive all of those wonderful memories time and time again over a very packed two disc special addition!

Here is a look at the official track listing. This will help you to get a better idea of what you can expect from this wonderful new addition to the IMAscore back catalogue!;

Disc One.

Now then, like the resort the soundtrack also aims to take you on a journey through the many different worlds on offer whilst visiting the park.

You will start off on Towers Street where you are you are given a taste of the sheer scale of the adventure that awaits you. This is due to the epicness this fantastic music conveys and with a strong fantasy feel evident you really can believe that you are embarking on an epic quest to explore all this fantastic resort has to offer.

Following this you are transported into the primitive and savage world of the Beornen. The sound of the Wicker Man himself (Big Bob) calls as you fall transfixed upon his fiery glory!

With strong hints of primal tribal beats and a real mythical element the sound of the resort’s world famous GCI wooden coaster (aka. SW8) will have you reliving all of your favourite memories of riding this fantastic ride both during the day and in the dark at Scarefest as well.

Following this you take the position and prepare to embark on a journey of exploration as you embark upon Forbidden Valley’s very own space expedition – Galactica!

With an almost magical science fiction style it’s fair to say that Galactica’s soundtrack is probably by far one of the best on resort. This is due to the sheer epicness once again this fantastic music possesses.

listening to this you can almost picture yourself soaring and flying through the portal and flipping onto your back as you traverse the tree layden landscape of Forbidden Valley once more aboard your very own Galactica flight.

Disc one concludes with a visit to the resort’s very own enchanted village.

This beautiful crafted music has a real celtic feel and almost has you envisioning the emerald isles as you zip off into yet another magic ridden Alton Towers paradise whilst putting your feet up after a busy day on park.

With hints of both fantasy and adventure the music of the Enchanted Village almost feels like a breath of fresh air after the sheer epicness of the previous two worlds you have just visited.

Disc Two.

Open your heart to joy and join us, It’s time to be marmelised!

Disc two continues your journey with a visit to the sheer insanity of X-Sector and the mind bending will of the Ministry of Joy!

It’s time to ride the Smiler and with possibly one of the most unique soundtracks on park The Smiler really is a force to be reckoned with.

With a definitive abstract feel this eerily catchy score will linger with you long after you hear it causing you to hum ‘ha ha ha’ under your breath whilst ‘smiling to yourself’ as you relive the sheer insanity this record breaking ride inflicts.


It’s time to take things down a notch as the tempo is reduced to allow you to hear the real sound of the magic this fantastic resort has instore for you.

This music is definitely reminiscent of classic children’s fantasy films such as Peter Pan and The Secret Garden. This is due to the light hearted nature and the easy listening quality this score possesses.

It’s far to say that in our opinion this music really does captivate your imaginations and fits perfectly as the music you will hear whilst walking past the magnificent ancestral home of the 15th earl of Shrewsbury – The Towers themselves.

It’s now time to kick the tempo bak up to eleven as you spin out of control on the resort’s extremely fun Maurer Family Spinning Coaster – Spinball Whizzer.

This fantastic score mixes hints of classic arcade video games with the sounds of such classics as Sonic the Hedgehog (yes we know this ride had that particular IP at one point) and many more 90s classic games to deliver what we consider to be the perfect score this ride requires.

You really could for a second believe that you have been trapped inside a video games whilst listening to this music and for this reason alone we absolutely love this unique ride score to bits.

It’s now time however for things to take a slightly more Autumnal and sinister feel as the sounds of Scarefest (Alton Towers iconic Halloween event) are afoot.

Mixing hints of creepiness with the classic sound of Alton Towers these fantastic pieces deliver an eerie back drop for the event which fits the feel the park are going for perfectly.

There are elements of this score however which remind us very much of the likes of The Haunted Mansion over at Disney world and the fantastic Tim Burton classic Sleepy Hollow. This is due to style of direction these pieces take.

It’s definitely fair to say that whilst still delivering a chill to the air this music is the perfectly creepy family friendly offering to the resort’s premier Halloween event.

You will now take a family friendly break as you are graced by the sounds of the Cbeebies Hotel – The Resort’s BBC IP which replaced the former Storybook Land in the last 10 years,

This music really does offer everything that you would expect from the likes of Justin and his friends and is the perfect score for the resort’s younger visitors,

It’s definitely fair to say that this particular score will fit the resort’s IP based hotel perfectly and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We can’t wait to take our 4 year old son there fore a visit later this season.

Finally it’s time to break out the sparklers, put on your gloves witness the majesty of the bonfire night sky as the second disc concludes with the epic sounds of the resort’s annual Fireworks Spectacular!

These epic pieces bring together all the best this fantastic resort has to offer and with hints of enormity, the classic sounds of the rides (including HEX and many more) this fantastic score is in our opinion the perfect conclusion to what is arguably one of the best soundtracks to be released in recent times.

With the prominent sound of the hall of the mountain king mixed with some of the resort’s best the Fireworks Spectacular will almost bring a tear of joy to your eye as you reminisce of the many happy times you have spent on resort over the years.

It’s extremely fair to say that this fantastic soundtrack has been well worth the wait.

Its also fair to say that the price of £15.00 (£12.00 with Merlin Annual Pass discount) is an absolute bargain and is definitely well worth paying considering what you actually get for the money you pay.

In our opinion by purchasing this you really are bringing home your very own piece of the Alton Towers Resort and being it’s our second home you really couldn’t ask for more.

The Alton Towers Soundtrack can be found on the Alton Towers online store as well as on resort as well, however you can also find it on the official IMAscore store as well.

Links for these can be found below;

Overall if like us you are some of Alton Towers’ biggest fans then we can’t recommend picking up your very own copy of this enough and if you do plan on doing so then we would advise doing this sooner rather than later as by all accounts they are selling like hot cakes!

The Alton Towers Soundtrack therefore gets a solid 10/10 from us here at TPI!

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