Theme Park Insanity interviews the one and only Coasters With Chloe!

Theme Park Insanity sits down with the one and only Chloe Matthews of the up and coming theme park and attractions blog Coasters With Chloe!

When it comes to the theme park and attractions industry it’s no secret that the content creator community is virtually bursting at the seams with individuals eager to show off their love for the industry through the medium of vlogging and blogging.

Every now and then however there is always one creator who comes along and blows everyone else out of the water with something slightly more unique and it’s very fair to say that Chloe Matthews of Coasters With Chloe has done just that. 

Based mainly on Instagram and Facebook Chloe shares her love for the industry through the use of cleverly choreographed photography and well written content helping bring something fresh and new an entire community of enthusiasts eager to get their next fix of the latest and greatest theme park and attractions content.

We were therefore absolutely honoured when recently we had the chance to sit down with Chloe and get to know a little more about where her inspiration for the content she creates comes from and how she has come to grow her passion for the industry over the years since her childhood.

Therefore, without further a do here’s how we got on!

Who is Coasters With Chloe?

Hi, I’m Chloe and I’m from a town near Nottinghamshire and I live with my husband and 3 year old son Archie.

When I’m not at a theme park you’ll find me at the ice rink as I have been a competitive figure skater since I was 12.

Coasters With Chloe has only recently been established under the name and the logo as the account was previously known as ‘Towers Tourist’ as its main focus was Alton Towers but when I started regularly visiting other parks, I didn’t think the name was as fitting as I would have liked it to have been, hence the change

What first sparked your love for the industry?

In all honesty, I think I have always had a love for the industry even since childhood so it’s hard to pinpoint what exactly started it. Although I would NEVER in a million years go on a ‘big ride’ I used to love watching them and was fascinated by how they do the things they do and the reasons why. As a child I regularly visited American Adventure, Drayton Manor, Alton Towers, Fantasy Island, Yarmouth Pleasure Beach and Blackpool Pleasure Beach and I remember absolutely loving being in the theme park environment even when I didn’t go on any rides!

What was your main inspiration behind establishing Coasters with Chloe?

Throughout the 2019 season, I started to follow a lot of accounts on Instagram regards theme parks and I had toyed with the idea of setting one up myself but was always put off by the prospect of trolls and the fact I don’t really know what I’m doing LOL! After a few months, I decided to set up Towers Tourist to initially revolve around my very frequent visits to Alton Towers. This featured a few behind the scenes photos and some facts that not everyone would know to try and keep it interesting, rather than just a repeat of ride photos and updates about my day at the park. When I started to visit other parks, I didn’t think the account name was suited to the content and with the help of Coasters Gen’s Luke, came up with ‘Coasters with Chloe’. I feel this is much better as I try to vary content and not focus just on one park. However, at the moment the account hasn’t been updated with as much as I would like but this will change within the next few weeks.

Which UK park would say holds the biggest place in your heart?

Alton Towers for sure! I’d go as far as saying its my favourite place in the world. I’m so lucky to only be 45 mins away so I can visit a lot. The park is absolutely beautiful and the sight of the Towers as you walk through the turnstiles takes my breath away on each and every visit.The staff are absolutely fantastic and I have made some amazing friends out of them. The place is MAGICAL 

Which childhood memories do you cherish the most from your time at the parks?
Storybook Land at Alton Towers most definitely! I remember fondly the bookworm, the tractors, and the farmyard. Toyland Tours is another fantastic memory and when I watch YouTube footage of it, I can even remember the way it used to smell! The Peter Rabbit on Ice show that used to be there is the very reason I started Ice Skating at a young age. My mum’s friend often tells me she remembers like it was yesterday, us watching the show and me saying “I want to do that” when I was about 3. 
Every easter holidays we always used to skate in the Blackpool Ice Skating Festival which was always a lot of fun because there was so many of us and after we had competed, we all used to go on the Pleasure Beach and watch the Hot Ice Show. We always had fantastic weather which was a bonus and it was a fantastic way of rounding off the week-long competition with a bit of fun. It was during one of these visits that myself and 2 friends ended up being evacuated off of the Space Invader 2 ride. This still remains (thankfully) my only ever ‘evac cred’ 
Which ride if any still gets your nerves jangling the most to this day and why?

It’s always been the ride that I always said I would never go on. I rode it for the first time in 2017 and I was gutted I had let it defeat me for so long because it’s actually fine! Its taken me about a year of forcing myself to go on it but now I’m fine with it and I actually enjoy it and even ride with my arms up!
 I think the issue I’ve always had with it is how high it is/looks as I’m really scared of heights. Its very deceiving though as when you’re up there, it doesn’t seem that high (i dont notice it anyway!) the anticipation of the drop I thought would be an issue too but again, that doesn’t bother me at all. What does still worry me though is the prospect of an E Stop and the very unlikely event of being evacuated off of it LOL!
If I’m honest, I always get nervous when I ride something I haven’t ridden before. At Flamingo Land earlier this year I was shaking in the queue for Kumali and Mumbo Jumbo!
Flat ride or Dark Ride?

Flat rides? Its a no from me hun!  I’ll take a dark ride any day. The Haunted Mansion and Phantom Manor at Disney Resorts are my absolute favourites.

Coaster or Flat ride?

Coaster absolutely!

Which UK coasters take your top 5 and in what order?
Please be aware, the following is very controversial.. 
1.Pepsi Max Big One – Blackpool Pleasure Beach
2. RITA – Alton Towers
3. The Smiler – Alton Towers
4. The Swarm – Thorpe Park
5. Oblivion – Alton Towers

I can literally hear the screams of enthusiasts wondering where ICON is on the list. I have news for you my dears, it doesn’t exist because its GARBAGE. The soundtrack is an absolute masterpiece and the baggage hold is cool but the trains are ugly as sin, the layout is boring, it doesn’t transition between the elements well and the Japanese cherry blossom theme makes no sense? It pains me to say but the merchandise is some of the best I have seen but I really disliked it. Whilst we are on the controversial subject.. I also prefer INFERNO to Nemesis..    SORRY! 

How have your tastes in rides changed over time if at all?

I don’t think I have a specific taste in rides if I’m honest. I do like a lot of B&M rides and I’d probably go as far as saying that’s my favourite manufacturer but I enjoy the variety of rides we are able to enjoy today such as Launch Coasters or Inverts etc. 

Do you think the love for coasters will continue within your family in the years to come?
Im already there! Archie is OBSESSED with The Smiler or HAHA Car as he calls it because he sings along to the soundtrack and RITA. He had a cable car and RITA birthday cake for his 3rd birthday as that’s what he requested!  He walks around the house saying ‘keep your head back, hold on tight, you must escape GO GO GO!’ And I often hear the occasional “don’t look down” whilst he’s playing LOL! He knows the names of the coasters at Alton Towers and Blackpool.
 He reminds me of me when i was younger with the obsession of watching them and knowing exactly what they do but hes a sod for not going on anything! Obviously he’s not tall enough for the 1.2 or 1.4 rides yet and he’s fine in CBeebies land but he refuses the mine train or rapids. He went on the Mine Train when he was 2 and I think he was traumatised from sitting on the back row and getting a 4 lap special so hopefully his confidence will come back in time. He really does prefer walking around and watching all the big rides though! My husband used to love rides and would go on anything but it seems he’s grown out of them as I’ve grown into them if that makes sense?!
Finally what does the future hold for Coasters With Chloe and what spoilers can you give your fans?
My only goal for the account is to reach 700 followers. Unfortunately, I just don’t have the time to run the account in the way that others do. Theme Park Insanity and Coaster Gen are absolutely fantastic for worldwide updates on construction or park openings and closures or event cancellations etc. Diary of a Rollercoaster Girl is the account I have followed for the longest and I love her content, I often joke that she needs to adopt me and take me along on her travels but she remains anonymous! 
Id like to just keep being able to update followers about my day when at a park and I enjoy being able to meet up and catch up with friends if there in the same place as me on the same day. 
I don’t have any spoilers unfortunately but I am very excited to be attending Scarefest on Friday 16th – Saturday 17th October and Ill be over at Thorpe Park for Fright Nights From Friday 30th October – Sunday 1st November so will be providing updates about those events during those weekends.  Xtreme Scream is also planned as I absolutely loved my first visit here last year so I’m excited to be able to share my thoughts and feelings with you all about the mazes and any changes that have been put into place for these events. I had planned to visit Efteling and Phantasialand for my 30th in November but as the days go on its looking more and more unlikely!

We would like to take this opportunity to offer huge thanks to Chloe for agreeing to join us here at Theme Park Insanity and allowing us this fantastic opportunity to get to know more who she is and what drives her to create the content she does. We really do appreciate it!

If you haven’t already checked out Coasters With Chloe then be sure that you do! You can find her on the following links;

Overall we really hope that you’ve enjoyed this chance to get to know more about this fantastic up and coming creator as much as we have and we hope to see you on park very soon Chloe!

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more great official interviews right here on Theme Park Insanity!