Universal Orlando Resort officially unveils Jurassic World VelociCoaster!

Universal Orlando Resort finally unveils it's epic new Summer 2021 roller coaster addition Jurassic World VelociCoaster!

After what seems likes months and months of nothing but steady construction over at Universal Studios Orlando and a constant torrent of heaving speculation amongst the roller coaster enthusiast community on Monday the 28th Of September 2020 the resort have finally unveils their jawsome new Jurassic World themed roller coaster to the world!

Planned to open at the resort in Summer 2021 this amazing new addition to the Islands of Adventure park at Universal Studios Orlando, Florida is set to breathe in a brand new generation of roller coaster to the park taking those who dare to ride on a hunt alongside a pack of Velociraptors as they soar through a prehistoric paddock of mind blowing proportions.

Although this brand new ride is also set to be nestled amongst the prehistoric undergrowth of the Jurassic Park themed area of Islands of Adventure it will officially mark the arrival of a Jurassic World themed attraction to the resort for the very first time since the re-theme of the Jurassic Park themed boat ride at Universal Studios Hollywood last in 2019!

The ride is set to reach speeds of upto and including 70 mph in 2.4 seconds and reach dizzying heights of up to 150ft as guests duck and dive between rocks and ravines.

The ride is also set to feature a whopping 12 seconds of airtime, a fantastic Zero-G Stall over 100ft of track, glide through a real one of a kind barrell roll over the lagoon outside the Jurassic Park discovery center and hurtle those brave enough through some of the most intense elements on any coaster located within the resort to date!

The ride has been confirmed to feature an entirely unique new storyline separate from the films which is said to expand on the already Jurassic World universe as guests are joined once again throughout their experience by notable characters Henry Wu, Claire Dearing and of course probably the most iconic of them all Chris Pratt as the legendary Raptor wrangler himself, Owen Grady.

More details are said to be coming in the months ahead as the resort counts down the months to the rides official opening next season!

For now however why not check out the below official announcement trailer to get a much better taste of what you can expect when this brand new heavily immersive Intamin double launch coaster finally opens to the public next summer.