The UK’s Tallest Roller Coaster Opens This Month!

The UK's Tallest Roller Coaster Is Officially Set To Open To The Public THIS MONTH!!

The UK’s tallest roller coaster (also set to be it’s fastest too) is officially set to open to the public for the very first time THIS MONTH!!

After nearly two years of anticipation Hyperia – Thorpe Park’s NEW record breaking roller coaster (and it’s first new major coaster in 12 years) will FINALLY welcome “fearless” thrill seekers this month.

Having held the record as the UK’s tallest roller coaster for the past three decades, The Big One at Pleasure Beach Resort will finally hand over the crown to Hyperia – an exhilarating new MACK Rides hyper coaster later this month.

The opening of Thorpe Park’s new ride signals perhaps the most significant milestone the UK theme park industry has seen in the past 30 years.

The UK's tallest roller coaster - Hyperia at Thorpe Park will finally open it's air gates to "fearless" riders later this month.

Hyperia will officially reach heights of up to 236 ft, speeds of up to 81 mph and will feature 14.8 seconds of airtime (bum out of your seat moments) throughout.

The UK’s tallest roller coaster will also feature MACK Rides’ signature lap bar restraints too meaning the ride experience will be far less restrictive and much more comfortable for riders as a whole.

Thorpe Park’s newest roller coaster is set to open to the public on 24th May 2024, however with so much hype surrounding the new ride it’s safe to say Hyperia’s opening day will truly be one for the books.

Hyperia will also span a total length of 3,265.7 ft, feature 2 inversions (one of which will be the Europe’s tallest at a height of 165ft) and will seat up to 20 riders per cycle.

Testing of the UK’s tallest roller coaster is now well and truly underway and fans have also finally had their first look at Hyperia’s shiny new trains too.

Hyperia - The UK's tallest and fastest roller coaster will reach total heights of up to 236ft & will open to the public on 24th May 2024!

The 24th May will most likely go down in UK theme park history as the day Thorpe Park firmly cemented it’s place as the UK’s thrill capital.

However, with Pleasure Beach Resort in Blackpool announcing plans to remove their iconic Grand Prix ride in favour of a new future attraction we’re asking the question – “could BPB have something up their sleeves to take back the record?”.

Only time will tell, but what is for sure is that roller coasters fans from all around the world (particularly U.S. based theme park fans) will flock to Thorpe Park over the coming months for their first rides on the new UK tallest roller coaster following it’s opening.

Will you be there for Hyperia’s opening day the and the passing of the crown for the UK’s tallest roller coaster on May 24th? Let us know your plans in the comments below!