UK’s TALLEST & FASTEST Roller Coaster Gets An Opening Date!

UK's Tallest & Fastest Roller Coaster Gets Given An Opening Date By Thorpe Park!

The UK’s tallest & fastest roller coaster Hyperia officially has an opening date and fans won’t have to wait too long before getting their first rides!

HyperiaThorpe Park’s NEW tallest and fastest roller coaster is set to open to the public this May and has less than two months left before it’s grand opening.

Thorpe Park announced the news yesterday via their official social media with a teaser video announcing the opening of the ride and more new info on the new ride.

Hyperia will reach heights of 236ft, speeds of over 80 mph, span 995 meters in length and have a height restriction of just 1.3 meters making it the UK’s current tallest & fastest roller coaster upon opening.

Thorpe Park have announced that Hyperia - the UK's tallest & fastest roller coaster will open to the public this May!

To date though, no testing has yet begun and no ride train has been revealed on site making us wonder, could May 24th ACTUALLY happen?

There is still a lot of work to be done on landscaping the new ride too with Hyperia’s queue line and surrounding plaza still yet to be installed.

With less than two months left until the new ride officially opens the 24th May does (to us at least) seem a little ambitious?

The new ride’s opening does however depend on how many testing hours are required by the ride’s manufacturer MACK Rides and when exactly this starts to take place.

Having said that though there’s no doubt that Thorpe Park wouldn’t have confirmed May 24th if they didn’t truly believe they can make it happen.

It’s no secret that the amount of hype surrounding the new coaster is at record levels and to delay the opening would create HUGE amounts of disappointment for many planning to visit the park in the months ahead!

Regardless, there’s nothing currently suggesting the UK’s tallest & fastest roller coaster ISN’T on target to hit it’s opening date and as such only time will tell if that becomes a reality.