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When Rides Let You Down!

When Rides don’t quite Live Up to your Expectations & Let You Down! Rides that leave you Feeling Let Down! There’s nothing worse is there? Have you ever stepped off a ride having completely hyped it up to find out you really shouldn’t have bothered? If you answered YES, then believe


The Smiler – What Could Have Been!

The Smiler – What could it have looked like should original concept designs for the ride have come to life? Read on to find out more…………

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Five UK Rides That Would Make Great Movies!

Five Theme Park Rides I Feel Would Transfer Perfectly To Movie Script! Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion and Jungle Cruise! These are just some of the most well known rides and attractions to have seen the big screen treatment over the years. When it comes to adapting their attractions


Does Oktoberfest Really Work at a Theme Park?

Oktoberfest – Does it really work at a theme park and what does this unique setting bring to the experience? Oktoberfest – a German staple festival filled with the sound of Oompah bands, Ale filled euphoria and topped off with a scent that can only be described as drool inducing!


What is Six Flags Qiddiya?!

Bigger, better and more immersive! Should this mammoth project go ahead Six Flags Quiddiya could potentially set the bar for things to come in Six Flags parks going forwards!


London Resort officially submits planning application!

London Resort Announces the submission of planning applcations! After what has been quite considerably one of the worst years on record for decades, we finally received some much needed good news today to end this terrible year on! London Resort (said to be the UK’s answer to Disneyland) this afternoon