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The Smiler – What Could Have Been!

The Smiler – What could it have looked like should original concept designs for the ride have come to life? Read on to find out more…………

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Five UK Rides That Would Make Great Movies!

Five Theme Park Rides I Feel Would Transfer Perfectly To Movie Script! Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion and Jungle Cruise! These are just some of the most well known rides and attractions to have seen the big screen treatment over the years. When it comes to adapting their attractions


Does Oktoberfest Really Work at a Theme Park?

Oktoberfest – Does it really work at a theme park and what does this unique setting bring to the experience? Oktoberfest – a German staple festival filled with the sound of Oompah bands, Ale filled euphoria and topped off with a scent that can only be described as drool inducing!

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5 Must Visit UK parks this Summer!

With the Summer holidays now just around the corner the all to familiar battle of trying to keep the kids entertained has reared it’s ugly head once again, however don’t threat – we have a solution!


Theme Parks to Reopen from April 12th!!

It has today been announced by Prime minister Boris Johnson that as of April 12th all outdoor leisure settings such as Zoos and theme parks as well as many others will finally be allowed to welcome visitors once more on April 12th!


What did we think of Alton Towers Scarefest 2020?!

What did we think of our recent visit to Alton Towers Scarefest 2020? On Saturday the 10th of October 2020 we made the long anticipated visit to our number one favourite annual event on the UK theme park season calendar – Alton Towers Scarefest! Having waited all year on tenterhooks