Super Nintendo World Florida Opens In 2025!

Super Nintendo World Florida Opens In 2025!

Super Nintendo World Florida is officially set to open to the public next year as one of Universal Epic Universe’s immersive new lands.

Guests will have the chance to step inside the world of their favourite Nintendo game Super Mario and breath in the sights and sounds of the colourful and immersive world around them.

Super Nintendo World already features as one of the staple attractions on offer at both Universal Studios Japan & Universal Studios Hollywood so adding it to Universal Epic Universe’s line up makes perfect sense.

From hopping aboard your very own Mario Kart and taking on the infamous Bowser to speeding along the twisted mine cart rails on a hair raising adventure alongside DK (Donkey Kong), Super Nintendo World Florida is set to bring to life the imaginative worlds featured within what is arguably Nintendo’s most iconic creation to date.

Super Nintendo World Florida opens to the public in 2025 as part of Universal Epic Universe - Universal Orlando Resort's BAND NEW third gate park.

What Will Super Nintendo World Florida Offer?

Super Nintendo World Florida is set to play host to THREE immersive new rides across TWO fully themed areas.

The park will open with the traditional Super Nintendo World featuring Mount Bean Pole, the surrounding themed elements and Bowser’s Castle, but will also feature the newly imagined expansion Donkey Kong Country too.

Donkey Kong Country is set to open for the first time at Universal Studios Japan later this year, however Universal Epic Universe will feature the new expansion as standard when open.

Yoshi’s Adventure, Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge and Donkey Kong: Mine Cart Madness will all feature at Super Nintendo World Florida, as will Toadstool Cafe.

The fully themed eatery will offer guests the chance to show down on some of their favourite Super Mario themed snacks and meals all served up by none other than Chef Toad himself.

Universal Epic Universe’s Nintendo themed land will also feature the other elements and experiences on offer at Universal’s other two current lands too with interactive score bands also being available.

The Rides!

As mentioned previously, Super Nintendo World Florida will feature THREE fully immersive new ride experiences.

Yoshi’s Adventure, Mario Kart: Boswer’s Challenge & Donkey Kong: Mine Cart Madness will all feature at Super Nintendo World Florida;

 – Yoshi’s Adventure will take families on a family friendly adventure high atop Mount Bean Pole in their very own Yoshi themed ride cars.

 – Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge will offer guests the chance to hop aboard their very own Mario Kart and take on the deadly Bowser in his very own hair raising challenge. This immersively themed dark ride will feature special effects, colourful sets and interactive elements to help families believe they are actually in the game itself.

 – Donkey Kong: Mine Cart Madness is a ground breaking new roller coaster experience utilising a unique track design to lead guests to believe they are actually ‘jumping’ over broken track sections.

Along the way those brave enough to ride alongside DK will also face spike filled pits, the chance to be launched out of a barrel and fast paced track transitions to name but a few crazy ride elements.

Ride your very own Mario Kart on Mario Kart: Bowser's Challenge and take on Bowser in a fast paced ride of fun and thrills.

The Food!

As mentioned previously too Super Nintendo World Florida will also feature the highly acclaimed dining experience –Toadstool Cafe.

Here guests will have the chance to pull up a seat and watch Chef Toad as he prepares delectable fully themed meals and treats of all shapes and sizes.

From Mario themed burgers to Bread Bowl soups Toadstool Cafe will give families the chance to indulge in a range of different drinks and snacks all inspired by the Super Mario world.

To bring Chef Toad to life it’s believed that a screen featuring the character behind his very own chefs counter will feature within the restaurant at a focal point for all guests.

This has been seen with the other outlets featured at both Hollywood and Japan and as such has proved incredibly popular with visitors of all ages.

Toadstool Cafe will also feature at Super Nintendo World Florida serving up some delicious grub all lovingly prepared by Chef Toad himself!

The Experience!

As well as the fully themed rides, attractions and catering outlets Super Nintendo World Florida is also set to immerse guests in other ways too.

Interactive ways to enjoy the new land will be on offer with the interactive bands currently on offer at other Super Nintendo Worlds worldwide and character meet and greets will also be on offer too.

These can be seen by the recent concept images revealed by Universal Epic Universe in which guests are given the chance to meet Mario and Luigi themselves.

The interactive element is also depicted by what appears to be a small area featuring “pow” boxes and other interactive, Nintendo themed elements.

This means that Super Nintendo World will not only appeal to older guests but also younger guests too.

Both new generations and older Super Nintendo loving generations will have the chance to truly immerse themselves in EVERYTHING Super Nintendo!

When Does Super Nintendo World Florida Open?

At present, no official opening date for Universal Epic Universe has yet been announced, but it’s safe to say we fully expect this immersive new land to open alongside others during the official opening.

This does of course depend on how well ride testing goes and whether or not construction crews are able to have all the rides and attractions ready for the grand opening.

Donkey Kong:Mine Cart Madness was infact supposed to open at Universal Studios Japan this Spring, but technical difficulties seem to have delayed the ride’s opening until later this year.

This does therefore beg the question whether or not this could infact happen in Florida too, but given the time needed to resolve the issues we’d assume this shouldn’t be the case.

Overall, Super Nintendo World makes the perfect, family friendly new land and fits in well alongside How To Train Your Dragon: Isle of Berk as yet another great new land suitable for younger guests.

Other lands such as Dark Universe and Harry Potter: Ministry of Magic will more than likely draw older guests, therefore having Super Nintendo World on offer at Universal Epic Universe should hopefully help spread guests more evenly throughout the park.

As ever, we will of course keep you all up to date regarding any potential opening dates for both this and the park itself so be sure to hit follow on both and blog and socials to avoid missing out on any future news regarding Universal Epic Universe.