Hyperia Ride Train REVEALED By Thorpe Park.

Hyperia Ride Train FINALLY Revealed By Thorpe Park!

Hyperia Ride Trains have FINALLY been revealed by Thorpe Park this afternoon following weeks of speculation surrounding both the ride trains’ whereabouts and when testing would likely begin.

The major UK theme park based in Surrey unveiled their new ride trains to fans of the park across social media to HUGE acclaim.

The new roller coaster which is set to be the UK’s NEW tallest & fastest roller coaster when it opens next month will reach heights of up to 236 ft, speeds of over 80 mph and span a total length of 995 meters from beginning to end.

The ride trains themselves sport a black, gold and white colour pallet and feature a design on par with the ride’s iconic wings emblem.

Hyperia’s ride trains also feature MACK Rides signature lap bar restraints too putting credibility to the fact the new ride will be the UK’s most “weightless” ride experience to date.

The new Hyper Coaster is set to open to guests next month on the 24th May 2024, but to date no test runs have yet commenced.

That will more than likely change in the days ahead following the ride trains’ arrival at the park and with us set to head to Thorpe Park tomorrow & Sunday (Saturday 13th April) we’re highly hopeful we could be there for when it begins!

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Hyperia's Ride Trains have FINALLY been revealed by Thorpe Park today following weeks of speculation surrounding their whereabouts. - *Image Credit; Thorpe Park.