Falcon’s Flight Progresses At Six Flags Qiddiya!


Falcon's Flight At Six Flags Qiddiya Continues To Grow!

Falcon’s FlightSix Flags Qiddiya’s headline attraction is continuing to grow in Saudi Arabia as construction work to build the park’s record breaking ride continues.

The ground breaking roller coaster manufactured and built by Intamin (known for such stand out rides as Toutatis, VelociCoaster and Batman: Gotham City Escape) is continuing to grow on the site of Saudi Arabia’s upcoming new theme park and resort – Six Flags Qiddiya.

Not only will Falcon’s Flight break records for being the tallest and longest roller coaster in the world, however it will also break the speed record too reaching a total speed of 155 mph

Falcon's Flight will the world's tallest, fastest and longest roller coaster once complete.

Recent construction images shared by ThemeparX show just how far construction on the new roller coaster has come.

It’s safe to say the new ride is absolutely flying up and although we’re still an incredibly long way off from the ride opening to the public it’s fair to say we could well see Falcon’s Flight reach completion by the end of this year.

Clear images of Falcon’s Flight’s construction also appear to be quite hard to come by too, although we’re keeping our eyes peeled and will share more as soon as they drop online.


Falcon’s Flight is however just one of the many different rides, roller coasters and attractions Six Flags Qiddiya will feature.

Other ride shown in the park’s ambitious concept art include a heavily themed Vekoma Tilt Coaster, a HUGE drop tower and other rides and roller coasters dotted around the park’s many different lands.

Six Flags Qiddiya itself will be located against the Tuwaiq mountain range just outside the Saudi Arabia capital of Riyadh.

Falcon’s flight itself however is set to be a whopping 2.5 miles in length, reach heights of up to 525 ft (other sources suggest the ride could however exceed 600 ft in height, however the exact stats have yet to be officially confirmed) and feature over 13,000 meters of steel track.

The new ride truly will be a ground breaking addition to the many different rides and attractions featured at parks worldwide.

An exact opening date for Six Flags Qiddiya is yet to be set, however it’s safe to say this eye catching new tourist destination will very likely draw the crowds to visit from around the world once it does.

We can’t wait to see Falcon’s Flight continued to progress and grow in the month ahead!