Falcon’s Flight Progresses Further At Six Flags Qiddiya!


Falcon's Flight Continues To Progress On The Construction Site Of Six Flags Qiddiya!

Falcon’s Flight – set to be the headline attraction at the newly created Six Flags Qiddiya near Riyadh in Saudi Arabia continues to grow day on day.

Construction images showing the world’s new tallest, fastest and longest roller coaster have been few and far between in recent times.

That’s all changed recently though as more and more images showing the construction of Falcon’s Flight continue to surface online.

In these images, more and more of the new ride appears to go into place each and every time a new shot is shared.

Six Flags Qiddiya is currently predicted to open some time in 2024, however an exact opening date for both the park’s first phase and the ride itself is yet to be announced.

Falcon’s Flight will reach heights of up to 524 ft, reach speeds of up to 155 mph & span a total distance of 2.5 miles (13,000 meters) from beginning to end.

In the following shots shared by Mohammed Elias & PCW News this morning we can see yet more supports and track appear to have been lifted into place since our last update.


As construction continues to progress on the site of Six Flags Qiddiya the one thing that seems to be most clear is this -they’re certainly not hanging about.

Falcon’s Flight will be an incredible new addition to the global themed attractions offering and will undoubtedly prove the main focus of anyone’s visit to the newly created theme park resort once open.

If you’d like to know more about what you can expect from Six Flags Qiddiya once open then be sure to check out our latest official news update video covering everything we know so far about this newly created global tourist destination.