How Do Roller Coaster Chain Lifts Work?


How Do Roller Coaster Chain Lifts Work?

When it comes to propelling roller coaster trains up their first lift there are a number of ways this can be achieved, however a chain lift hill is usually the most common form of accelerating the train to the top.

Chain lifts can usually be employed on all types of roller coasters where lifting a ride train to the top is required, however some rides such as Hero at Flamingo Land Resort (eeurgh) & Th13teen at Alton Towers employ other methods (which we’ll look at another time).

But how DOES it work?

When the ride train reaches the bottom of the lift a chain dog attaches itself to the holes in the chain allowing the train to be carried up the lift hill.

Motors at either end of the lift keep the chain moving in a continuous loop and anti-rollback is also employed (we looked at this previously) to stop the train rolling backwards down the lift hill were the train to suddenly stop in it’s tracks.

Once at the top the chain dog disconnects from the chain lift and the ride train embarks on it’s adrenaline fueled descent.

Chain Lifts are usually the most common form of acceleration used to propel a ride train up a lift hill on a roller coaster.