What is Six Flags Qiddiya?!

What is Six Flags Qiddiya and why would it prove a game changer for the Six Flags Parks brand in the years to come?

Mesmerising, immersive, eye catching and unparalleled!

These are just some words that can accurately describe the sheer gravitas of the mammoth venture currently underway within the Six Flags Parks brand!

This 334 square kilometre site set against the Tuwaiq mountain range just outside the Saudi Arabia capital of Riyadh is set to become the a world leading tourist destination ever by 2023!

This shows the proposed location for the global scale resort once complete.

The whole venture has been described as the kingdom of Saudi’s “pre-eminent entertainment, sports and cultural destination” as it will encompass so much more than just the brand new theme park at it’s core!

The entire development will be brought together in phases with the first phase being a water themed park including rides, shows, attractions, sporting elements and even an onsite hotel.

the proposed layout of the park which will comprise of 6 heavily immersive areas in total!

Six Flags Qiddiya itself is set to be comprised of 6 heavily immersive themed areas and will be located at the heart of the development.

These areas according to the above concept art include the following proposed areas each comprising of thrill rides, family rides and more;

Grand Exposition, City of Thrills, Valley of Fortune, Twilight Gardens, Steam Town and Discovery Springs.

Amongst the line up of world record breaking new rides and roller coasters will stand what is being dubbed the world’s tallest, fastest and longest roller coaster ever constructed – Falcon’s Flight!

This record breaker of a coaster (now confirmed to have been designated to roller coaster manufacturer Intamin) is set to boast a top speed of up to and including 155mph, reach a total height of up to 525 feet across over 13,000 meters of track and reach a whopping 2.5 miles in length destroying all current records to date.

the rest of the park will comprise of further record breaking roller coasters, a gargantuan range of different flat rides and experiences and other heavily immersive rides too.

The project itself has been slated to have the first phase ready to open by 2023 with further phases set to see completion between 2024 & 2025 at the latest, however only time will tell if this becomes reality or not.

Below are some more official concept images released by the developers showcasing the sheer scale and beauty of this brand new resort!

an artist interpretation of an aerial perspective of the resort
A gateway to a whole host of brand new and exciting worlds!
a sea of lights, thrills and action against a star lit night sky!
In the background Falcon's Flight stands tall and proud against the resort of the park!

Visitors to the resort can look forward to a whole host of brand new experiences set across five key cornerstones; Sports & WellnessNature & EnvironmentParks & AttractionsMotion & Mobility and Arts & Culture.

 With so much more on offer than just a theme park, Qiddiya really does look to have the potential of becoming one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world!

Due to extent of the plans in place this new development would even dwarf the likes of Disney or Universal in scale!

The development team behind the project currently stands at a team of 150 individuals from 19 different countries, however the size of the team is projected to reach 17,000 individuals by 2023 and increase again to 25,000 members by 2025.

Artist representation of Mystic Springs
Welcome to Steam Town!

To say we’re excited by the prospect of having such an exciting new world class tourist destination to visit in the years ahead would be an understatement!

With that in mind we will be keeping a very close eye on the horizon for further news on this development in the years to come.

The Saudi Royal Family have also been said to have given royal ascent to the development and for that reason we can almost certainly see this wonderful new addition coming to fruition in the years ahead!