Batman: Gotham City Escape – New For 2023 At Parque Warner Madrid!


Gotham City Escape Ride Train revealed By Parque Warner Madrid in Spain!

Parque Warner near Madrid in Spain have today given fans a ‘first glimpse’ of the ride train (or some of it at least) for their NEW 2023 Intamin Blitz coaster Gotham City Escape.

The Spanish theme park, based in San Martin de la Vega near Madrid currently plays host to well over 40 different rides and attractions – 6 of which are roller coasters.

In 2023 however, Parque Warner are set to add a BRAND NEW headline roller coaster to their line up with Gotham City Escape – a pulse racing new ride based around the popular DC Comics IP Batman.

Here's a first look at the brand new ride train for Gotham City Escape - an exciting new Intamin roller coaster centered around the popular DC Comics IP Batman!
What Can You Expect?

As mentioned previously Gotham City Escape is an Intamin (Learn more about Intamin HERE) Blitz roller coaster.

The new ride will feature a total of 4 inversions throughout it’s 3,313.6 ft of twisted steel track and will reach speeds of up to and including 64.6 mph.

Although not the fastest, the ride’s many different elements and inversions will surely make up for it, especially when you factor in it’s total height at a substantial 147.6 ft!!

Aside from it’s iconic looking top hat, Gotham City Escape will also feature 2 Corkscrews, a Vertical Roll Back, a Zero-G Stall and Reverse Sidewinder to name but a few heart pounding ride elements.

It will also feature 2 LSM launches and last a drawn total of 1 minute and 51 seconds from start to finish.

Overall Gotham City Escape certainly seems to sound intense just from the outset, however we can’t deny the new ride does seem to bear a striking resemblance to certain other ride based in Florida.

The above shows the rides striking top hat element standing tall above Parque Warner's skyline!
Just A European Jurassic World: VelociCoaster?

Highly unlikely! Although Gotham City Escape does appear to bear a very similar resemblance at first glance this incredible looking new ride will be a different entity in it’s own right.

The theme alone will surely set a completely different tone where experiencing the ride is concerned, however there are also a lot of similarities too.

Like VelociCoaster, Gotham City Escape will also feature two launches and will weave and wind it’s way around the park.

The new ride will also likely maintain it’s speed incredibly well throughout too giving for an intense, adrenaline pumping experience overall.

Alongside this, Gotham City Escape will also feature a Zero-G Stall similar to that of VelociCoaster,however there are also a lot of differences too.

Regardless though having such a ride that close to home (I mean, it’s only in Spain right?) is almost certainly going to be a bonus for roller coaster fans here in the UK.

The fact that you can literally jump on a plane and be there in around 2 hours (as opposed to the 8 or 9 hours it would take to get to the U.S.) is definitely very appealing.

Overall, Having this exciting new Intamin Multi-Launched roller coaster so close home will definitely make experiencing it a whole load easier that’s for sure.

Above shows the Gotham City Escapes Zero-G Stall - an almost identical element to that featured on Jurassic World VelociCoaster in the U.S. - *Image Credit - Hobby Consolas
Should I Be Excited?

Oh absolutely, Parque Warner Madrid already features some pretty epic rides with the likes of their B&M Invert Batman: Arkham Asylum & their Vekoma Giant Boomerang Stunt Fall being just some of the incredible roller coasters at the park.

Gotham City Escape however will be a completely different entity and surely satisfy the appetite of every hardened thrill seeker who visits the park moving forwards.

In truth, Parque Warner Madrid is already a heavily ride and attraction saturated park, but the addition of this brand new Intamin roller coaster will almost certainly a new depth to the attraction overall.

It’s safe to say that you can almost guarantee Gotham City Escape will prove an instant hit with park goers when it finally opens next season, and when you take a look at the stats it’s easy to see why!

Why not take a look at ML Designs virtual recreation of the ride to find out more about what you can expect from Parque Warner’s thrilling 2023 addition?

Thanks very much for reading.