Efteling Share HUGE Danse Macabre Update!

Efteling Share HUGE New Danse Macabre Progress Update!

Efteling have recently shared a HUGE construction progress update from the construction site of their new for 2024 attraction Danse Macabre!

The new ride will replace the park’s iconic former Spookslot attraction when it opens to the public later this year and will form part of a much wider land named Huyverwoud.

In a recent progress update Efteling gifted fans a closer look at the now completed exterior of the attraction’s 20 meter high show building as well as some of the surrounding theming and processes used to create it.

Danse Macabre replaces Efteling's former Spookslot attraction with a brand new, first of it's kind dark ride & an entire new area named Huyverwoud!

Since first opening at the park Spookslot captivated it’s audience with it’s spellbinding theatrics and catchy soundtrack, however in 2022 the attraction closed to the public for the last time in favour of a new ride set to take it’s place.

In comes Danse Macabre – a first of it’s kind dark ride set inside a gigantic, Gothic abbey themed show building.

Danse Macabre comprises of a huge circular base spanning 18 meters in diameter. The circular base then features 6 individual gondolas which are each set to seat up to 18 people bringing the total ride capacity to 108 riders per cycle.

Huyverwoud is also set to feature two brand new, purpose built catering outlets (one of which is already open to the public) and a creepy new toilet block (again already open to the public) all immersively themed to suit the new land.

In a recent official update Efteling released new pictures giving us all a closer look as well as a flyby drone video showcasing the entire area.

Although a lot of the new area now appears complete including the attraction’s show building and surrounding theming, no official opening date has yet been announced by Efteling themselves.

Current rumours do however point to Danse Macabre opening in and around early October & given the theme of the ride we think this would make perfect sense.

Although the exterior of the attraction looks complete it’s also not clear how much of the internal ride and theming is also complete at this stage too.

Given the intricate detail shown on the concept art and taking into account Efteling’s incredibly high standards we’d imagine that there is probably still a long way to go before Danse Macabre (and indeed Huyverwoud) can be officially considered ‘complete’.

Regardless we’re keeping an incredibly close eye on this project as we absolutely love a spooky dark ride and in particular Efteling itself.

Stay tuned here on TPI to find out more about when Danse Macabre will open, the progress being made and so much more in the months ahead!