EFTELING Immortalise Spookslot With Unique Staff Memento.


Efteling Immortalise Their Iconic Spookslot Attraction With A Rather Unique Staff Memento!

Efteling have today revealed they have immortalised their former infamous Spookslot attraction with a rather unique memento.

The Dutch theme park (based in south Holland) have unveiled a full scale digital recreation of Spookslot accessible within the Metaverse.

Following the iconic attraction’s recent closure late last year, the park have been hard at work clearing the site for construction to begin on Danse Macabre – the attraction’s upcoming replacement.

Upon doing so Efteling have meticulously scanned every aspect of the attraction down to it’s individual parts in 3D space.

In turn this has allowed the park to immortalise Spookslot for future generations to enjoy.

The above image shows how Efteling have digitally recreated Spookslot's infamous haunted interior.

What’s more, the exterior of this fantastic virtual recreation will be available for all to enjoy within the Metaverse, but only staff will have full access to the inside, for now.

Efteling have given staff at the park exclusive access via the use of an NFT (a digital key with a unique code accessible only to those who work there).

How Has It Been Done?

Recreating a full scale 3D replica Spookslot in digital space is something completely NEW for Efteling.

Although the park are said to have been innovative in their use of new technologies for years, the park have never actually attempted a project of this scale before.

Speaking about the brand new venture Koen Sanders, Director of Product, Marketing & Image says;

“From our creative philosophy, we build attractions for eternity,”

“We are now experimenting with the latest technologies, and, thanks to the innovative 3D scan, we were able to capture the Spookslot in great detail, making it almost an exact copy of the original.

This is hugely special for Efteling. With a digital key in the form of an NFT, all our employees get access to the inside of the attraction building and a piece of the Haunted House literally becomes their property.

After all,  Efteling belongs to everyone who works here. As Efteling, we have never before immortalised an attraction building in this way or worked with NFT’s capabilities.

That is why we deliberately chose to make the digital key available only to our employees. We will of course help them understand the technology properly. We are hugely looking forward to the first reactions.”

The above image shows how the iconic front of Spookslot has been recreated with an intricate approach to capturing it's beauty.

To achieve this, Efteling teamed up with 3D scan and laser scan specialists PelserHartman.

Speaking further about how they realised the recreation, Jeroen Pelser of PelserHartman says;

“What we have done with the Spookslot Haunted House is very unique in the technology industry and has never been done before,”

“Together with Boldy-XR, we have made sure that the 3D scan comes to life in the metaverse.

To create this scan, we deployed state-of-the-art techniques with multiple high-end 3D laser scanners, each making 2 million measurement points per second to capture it very accurately. We are immensely grateful to have been able to contribute in our own way to the preservation of the Haunted House.

We are ensuring that an icon, which has held special meaning for many staff and visitors, is immortalised in the metaverse.

The NFT ensures that exclusivity remains guaranteed.”

Why The Metaverse?

The Metaverse is a virtual world of experience.

It is also called ‘real world simulation’ because almost everything from the real world can be recreated in the Metaverse.

For example, one can pursue hobbies, visit museums and concerts in the digital world of the Metaverse.

An NFT has a unique character and cannot be replicated, which is why it can serve as a digital key to certain parts in the Metaverse.

It is therefore fitting that Efteling should choose the Metaverse to play host to this fantastic digital recreation.

Although the Metaverse is mostly used for gaming and digital conferencing (among other things) it also holds huge potential and as such, the list of ‘what is possible’ remains endless.

Recreating Spookslot in such a vast digital space allows for the recreation to effectively encompass the same dimensions as the original attraction without needing physical space to exist.

"The Metaverse is a virtual world of experience. Recreating Spookslot in such a vast digital space allows for the recreation to effectively encompass the same dimensions as the original attraction without needing physical space to exist" - *Image Credit - CNET.
Why Is Protecting Spookslot's Legacy Important?

Although progress and change are unavoidable, recreating attractions in virtual space serves as the perfect way to capture their essence.

Doing so means that even though the attraction has gone, future generations can still stick on a headset and relive the experience for themselves.

Not only if the Metaverse vast beyond imagination, however it’s also fully interactive too.

Creating attractions such as Spookslot within the Metaverse means that people can still experience the attraction as it was even though it has ceased to be.

Efteling are certainly proving their ability to be innovative and forward thinking with this brand new venture.

As such we certainly don’t expect this to be the last time we see them immortalising one of the park’s iconic rides or attractions for future generations to enjoy.

In the above photo shared by Efteling themselves following Spookslot's closure, staff can be seen posing for one final photo within the attraction before the construction teams move in and begin demolition works.

Want to know more about what you expect from Danse Macabre when it finally opens at Efteling next year?

Check out the following recent official video update by Efteling now below!