Drayton Manor Reveal Opening Date For New Themed Land!

Earlier today, Drayton Manor released a short teaser video promoting their all-new Wild West inspired themed land. The video, released initially on their Youtube Channel in the form of a small premier, was a short clip showing a pair of cowboys about to take part in a showdown in the new themed area of the park.

During this clip, we saw one of the cowboys was stood on the balcony which confirmed our thoughts about actors being able to stand up on them for character interactions and live shows when the land is officially open.

At the end of the clip, there was the reveal of the opening date for the new land: March 24.

The new land will be home to a selection of pre-existing attractions – with some receiving updates and rethemes to suit the new land, as well as the Intamin Lift & Launch Coaster.

At this time, we know that the Drunken Barrels has been receiving a refreshed theme, we also expect that the name will change to match the new land (something gunpowder / explosion related?) – this is the most significant change to the rides in that area that we know of at the moment.
Other rides in this area include Sheriff Showdown, The Haunting, Accelerator and the Flying Dutchman.

We wonder what they are planning to do with Accelerator following information that the entrance has been getting a retheme to work with the new land. Perhaps we will see an Accelerator retheme over the course of the season? Don’t think race cars really fit in with the Wild West.

The Haunting is another ride that has us wondering how it will work in the new land – Do cowboy towns have Vicarages? Personally, I think it will be fine as it is as it is out of the way. We are fond of The Haunting at Theme Park Insanity and would love to see this ride remain as it is for a little longer. (The Haunting Reclaimed was excellent!)

One thing to note is that the new rollercoaster will not be open on the 24th. This ride will have its own opening date later on in the year (date currently unconfirmed).

The new themed land officially opens on the 24th of March with Annual Passholders getting a preview on the 17th during the Passholder Day.
Are you looking forward to the new land? Let us know in the comments!

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQeG57BpMvM

For now, we’re going to dust off our cowboy hat and polish those boots!

– Elise