Efteling’s NEW Area Opens Tomorrow!


Efteling's NEW Huyverwoud Area Opens Tomorrow!

Efteling’s NEW Huyverwoud Area will officially open to the public tomorrow, or at least the sections will!

In an official press release Efteling have confirmed that the new area’s catering outlet and toilets will open to the public from July 1st.

In den Swarte Kat (Huyverwoud’s new catering outlet) and the new area’s toilets will open to the public from tomorrow onwards and will provide those visiting with their first look at what to expect from Danse Macabre next year.

Huyverwoud’s new catering outlet will offer guests the chance to purchased themed snacks and items via their newly installed self serve counter.

Those visiting can purchase themed products such as Ketelkoek, Abbey Bread and Blood juice. Guests will then have the chance to take their refreshments away or enjoy them on the terrace.


The story behind the area’s tavern – In den Swarte Kat is that The Charlatan Family (for who the new area will be themed around) used to use the tavern as a grocery shop.

In den Swarte Kat appears to be burnt down, partially collapsed, and is filled with creepy elements.

The area also features fully themed toilets too which are reportedly said to be haunted.

The new toilet block – De Laetste Hoop will also open alongside In Den Swarte Kat and will compliment the catering outlet with it’s exterior appearance and themed interior too.

Once open fully however, Huyverwoud will feature catering, entertainment and an immersive new 20 meter high dark ride attraction with Danse Macabre – a first of it’s kind ride set to open at the park next year.


Overall, Huyverwoud is set to take up a total space of 17,000 m2 making it one of Efteling’s BIGGEST new areas to date.

Danse Macabre however is set to feature many of unique elements and features new to the park and will have those daring enough to enter dancing to the musical masterpiece of the same name.

An official opening date and further details regarding Efteling’s full opening of their new area is yet to follow, but rest assured if this preliminary opening is anything to go by then guests are surely in for spooktacular treat of epic proportions when the full area and ride opens to the public next year.

Get your first look at how Danse Macabre will look in the park’s recent reveal video earlier this year below.