Efteling Reveal The Opening Date Of Their New Ride!

Efteling Reveal The Opening Date Of Their NEW Ride!

Efteling have revealed the opening date of their new ride – Danse Macabre, a first of it’s kind dark ride set to open at Efteling this Halloween.

The news of the attraction’s grand opening broke first on Efteling’s official YouTube channel in which the resort posted a teaser trailer showcasing our first look inside the ride and the park’s chosen date for it’s grand unveiling.

Danse Macabre replaces Spookslot – Efteling’s iconic, spooky walk through show which over it’s time at the park captured the hearts of all who watched it.

Now, guests will be invited to step inside the derelict remains of an abandoned abbey as they bare witness to the unspeakable horrors that lie within.

Danse Macabre replaces Spookslot, Efteling's iconic walk through show accompanied by music of the same name.

Danse Macabre is an Intamin dark ride and as mentioned previously will be the first of it’s kind to open at any park worldwide.

The ride features six separate ride gondolas (or pews) seated upon a giant 18 meter diameter disc. Each ride is said to seat up to 108 guests per cycle and sits inside a 20 meter tall, fully themed show building in the heart of Efteling’s eerie new 17,000m² land – Huyverwoud.

The giant disc will spin while rising and falling in time to the music and each of the ride’s six separate gondolas will also spin in time too.

The ride cycle will of course be accompanied by the legendary score of the same name – a piece of music first composed by French composer Camille Saint-Saëns.

Speaking about Efteling’s creepy new masterpiece, the ride’s designer Jeroen Verheij has said;

“The bizarre thing -and at the same time the beautiful thing- is that, as a designer, you are at the very beginning of inventing and sketching what we are showing here now.

That means that I am actually in my own drawing now. I hope our guests will be overwhelmed by what they see when they soon enter this chapel.

It is a hugely impressive space. This will be an unforgettable attraction.”

Danse Macabre will feature six separate gondolas and a total capacity per cycle of 108 guests across all six gondolas.

Upon revealing the ride’s official opening date Efteling have also revealed that the total cost of their newest attraction and accompanying land has come in at EUR 35 million.

This makes Huyverwoud and Danse Macabre one of the park’s BIGGEST recent investments and stands testament to their commitment to always put guest experience first in everything they achieve.

Huyverwoud (the newly created land for Danse Macabre) will also feature two fully themed catering outlets (one of which is now open to the public) and eerily themed toilets (which are also now open) too.

It’s also confirmed that the land’s main characters The Charlatans and their pipe barrel organ Esmerelda will also continue to feature at the park once the new ride opens on October 31st this year.

Hear more about what we think of Danse Macabre and Efteling’s chosen opening date for their new ride in our latest official news update available to watch on our channel now.