Voltron Nevera Ride Trains Arrive At Europa Park!

Voltron Nevera Rides Trains Arrive At Europa Park!

Voltron Nevera Powered By RIMAC (the confirmed name of Europa Park’s first of it’s kind roller coaster) has recently received it’s ride trains.

The shiny new roller coaster trains (manufactured and produced by German ride manufacturer MACK Rides) arrived earlier this week at the German theme park.

Europa Park took to social media to announce their arrival and shared some absolutely fantastic shots showcasing the trains removal from the wagon and installation on the ride.

The new ride trains (which feature a heavy industrial influence) fit perfectly with the theme of the ride and feature Voltron Nevera emblazoned on the front.

What Can You Expect From Voltron Nevera?

Voltron Nevera Powered By RIMAC is MACK Rides first ever Stryker Coaster model – an evolution of their former Big Dipper ride model.

The Stryker Coaster is capable of multiple launches (including the world’s steepest beyond vertical launch at 105 degrees), the utilisation of turntable technology and many other innovative elements not previously featured as part of the Big Dipper model.

Voltron Nevera is also set to reach heights of up to 107 ft, speeds of up to 56 mph and will also span a total length of 4,544 ft from beginning to end.

This fantastic new ride (themed to Nikola Tesla and his ground breaking works on the creation of the alternator) is set to make up the headline attraction of Europa Park’s NEW for 2024 Croatia area.

Voltron Nevera is also set to feature intricately designed theming, a highly immersive setting, two giant Tesla coils and so much more.

When Will Voltron Nevera Start Testing?

Although Voltron Nevera’s ride trains have only just arrived onsite at Europa Park, testing of the ride has already taken place previous to their arrival.

Ride train chassis have already been spotted making test runs around the roller coaster’s track and as such Europa Park even shared a reel showing this taking place (Click Here).

Regardless of this however full testing of the ride using the brand new ride trains will more than likely commence very soon indeed (if it hasn’t done so already).

With this in mind we feel that an opening date of Spring 2024 could be very likely for Voltron Nevera indeed but no official date has yet been confirmed by Europa Park themselves.

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