Voltron Nevera Comes To Europa Park For 2024!

Voltron Nevera Powered By Rimac Comes To Europa Park For 2024!

Voltron Nevera Powered By Rimac has been confirmed as the official name of Europa Park’s NEW for 2024 Mack Rides Stryker Coaster.

The record breaking ride has been brought to life in partnership with Croatian electric car manufacturer Rimac Automobili.

The new roller coaster which is set to open at he German theme park resort next year will feature the world’s first beyond vertical launch at 105 degrees and reach heights of up to 106.6 ft as well as speeds of up to 55.9 mph.

Voltron Nevera will also scale 4,544 ft of steel track, utilise four LSM launches and traverse 7 inversions making it Europa Park’s most extreme roller coaster to date.

To reveal the ride’s electrifying new name, Europa Park traveled to the Croatian island of Hvar and conducted an official announcement ceremony with Mate Rimac in which drones were used to spell out the ride’s new name in the night sky.


Rimac Automobili are also known for creating the world’s fastest electric car – the Rimac Nevera, therefore it seemed only fitting that Europa Park would choose to partner with Rimac on this project.

A partnership with a car related brand is also nothing new for Europa Park either as prior to Voltron Nevera, Europa park partnered with Formula 1 racing back in 2002 to open the park’s B&M Hyper Coaster – Silver Star.

Overall, Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac is set to make an incredible new addition to Europa park and will fit in perfectly alongside the park’s other current rides and roller coasters.

To date, no official opening date has been revealed for Voltron Nevera either, but Europa Park did reveal previously that they are aiming for the first day of the resort’s 2024 season.

Will you be visiting Europa Park to experience Voltron Nevera Powered By Rimac in 2024? If so, why not check out our latest news video below to find out more about what you can expect?