VALHALLA At Blackpool Pleasure Beach Will FINALLY Reopen This APRIL!!

Valhalla has officially been revealed as set to welcome back public riders for technical rehearsals this coming April!

Blackpool Pleasure Beach‘s award winning, Viking themed water dark ride has remained closed since the end of 2019 for a major re-imagining.

Today however the park revealed that Valhalla will finally reopen as of this April for “technical rehearsals” prior to reopening to the public permanently this Spring!

Upon announcing Valhalla’s long anticipated return, Blackpool Pleasure Beach said;

“Following a £4 million investment, the UK’s wettest ride is set to reopen for technical rehearsals this April with some exciting new features”

Discussing today’s announcement further, Amanda Thompson OBE, CEO of Blackpool Pleasure Beach said;

“We know how long fans have been waiting for us to announce the reopening of Valhalla, and we’re confident they won’t be disappointed with our reimagining of one of the country’s best-loved rides.

“The team has been hard at work behind the scenes, and we can’t wait to have the famous Valhalla waterfall back on in the park once more. Guests will be able to experience the ride through technical rehearsals this April.

“Valhalla has well and truly been given the reimagining it deserves, now boasting some exciting new features and impressive sustainability credentials to help ensure the ride is more environmentally friendly – without compromising on the sense of adventure for which it’s been known for many years.”

Valhalla's newly refurbished ride boats could be seen testing during today's 2023 season launch event - *Image Credit - Welcome To Blackpool.

Along with today’s official reveal, Blackpool Pleasure Beach also gave us our first insight into the Valhalla’s new storyline and what we can expect when riders embark on their quest into the Viking afterlife;

“Riders can expect to be taken on a fantastical journey to Valhalla, boarding a longboat and journeying into a parallel world guided by a brave Viking named Ivàr.

There, they will encounter the spirit of Odin and pass into the afterlife to try to make it to Valhalla. While on their journey, riders will get to experience the elements – fire, ice and lots of water.”

Those attending today’s 2023 season launch event at the park have also had chance to hear the ride’s new soundtrack for the very first time too.

It’s fair to say Valhalla’s overall sound has undergone quite the transformation courtesy of iconic themed music producer The Notable Stranger.

The Notable Stranger is also known for creating soundtracks for such other rides at the park as ICON & The Big One.

So, what are technical rehearsals?

Speaking further about what those visiting the park in April can expect from the chance of a potential ride back on Valhalla Adam Slevin, Director of Creative, Design & Experience at Blackpool Pleasure Beach has said;

“The reopening of the UK’s most beloved water ride has been a tricky secret to keep, so it’s fantastic to be able to confirm we will be bringing back Valhalla for the 2023 season

“We are initially opening Valhalla for technical rehearsals which means that the ride may operate intermittently throughout the day and some elements of the attraction may not be functioning.”

“We appreciate our guest’s patience as we’ve carried out this huge project, working alongside countless industry experts to enhance ride experience and give guests a well-deserved surprise. The legend has returned to Blackpool Pleasure Beach and we couldn’t be more excited.”

Valhalla's ride front and station has also undergone quite the change too with brand new planters and a photo opportunity ride sign now added to the front of the attraction - *Image Credit - Welcome To Blackpool.

It’s fair to say that today’s announcement of Valhalla’s imminent reopening for technical rehearsals this April has got us very excited!

Ultimately, an update on Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s iconic water ride has been top of everyone’s list to hear for the past two years at least.

Today’s news not only finally puts to bed any speculation as to whether or not the ride will reopen this season, however it also gives fans of the ride hope they can once again step aboard their favourite Viking long boats this year.

Will you be paying a visit to Blackpool Pleasure Beach this April to try and get your first rides back on Valhalla following the ride’s £4 million refurbishment?

We’d love to hear all about your thoughts on today’s news in the comments below!