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FLAMINGO LAND RESORT’S New Ride Train Has Been Spotted On The Track Up At FLAMINGO LAND! INVERSION at FLAMINGO LAND – the one ride on everybody’s mind when it comes to Summer 2022! AsĀ Flamingo Land Resort’s main season peak fast approaches, everybody keeps asking – “when will they open their


INVERSION at Flamingo Land to Open Summer 2022?

INVERSION at Flamingo land Resort – Will it Open This Summer? INVERSION at Flamingo Land Resort in Malton, North Yorkshire (as it’s currently known – not the ride’s official name, yet) has been sat dormant since early 2020 due to construction on the ride halting as a direct result of


Intamin – Why All the Fuss?!

When it comes to brand new additions in 2021 there is one manufacturer who is absolutely dominating the line up of brand new roller coasters worldwide, and that name it Intamin!

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Universal Orlando Resort officially unveil the ride train for their incredible new 2021 addition – Jurassic World VelociCoaster!

Universal Orlando Resort officially unveil the ride vehicle design for next season’s gargantuan 2021 addition – Jurassic World VelociCoaster! Since Universal Orlando Resort officially unveiled their brand new 2021 addition Jurassic World Velocicoaster towards the back end of this season we have seen one major landmark in construction reached after


Why ‘Inversion’ will absolutely knock Colossus out of the park in 2021!

Why you can be sure that Flamingo Land Resort’s brand new ten inversion roller coaster ‘Inversion’ will absolutely obliterate Colossus in 2021! Well, with 2020 turning out to be possibly the worst year on record for not only the theme park enthusiast community, but the entire world as a whole


Stealth – Thorpe Park Resort, Surrey, UK.

Stealth – 2006 Intamin Accelerator Coaster located at Thorpe Park Resort in Chertsey, Surrey UK! Just beyond the small tsunami battered seaside town of Amity Cove lies Amity Speedway – an adrenaline fuelled haven for thrill seekers and speed demons alike frequented by those thirsty for nothing but pure unadulterated