Parc Astérix Announce An Official Opening Date For Le Festival Toutatis!

Parc Astérix – a well known theme park based just outside of Paris in France has today unveiled the official opening date for their NEW 2023 area – Le Festival Toutatis!

The iconic theme park based around the popular comic book series Astérix currently boasts 41 rides and attractions.

These include 7 roller coasters, 7 water rides and so much more and in 2023 that number is set to increase once again.

Le Festival Toutatis is an exciting new land based around the premise of a Druid festival to the god Toutatis.

The new addition will feature 2 new rides including the land’s headline attraction – an Intamin Blitz roller coaster named Toutatis, an immersive new playground, a restaurant and even a gift shop.

Toutatis has been compared by many to Pantheon at Busch Gardens Williamsburg due to it’s design, pacing and overall ride experience.

Chez Gyrofolix (Le Festival Toutatis’s other new ride) however is a Zamperla Nebulaz flat ride.

This type of popular new flat has been seen at other parks worldwide such as Liseberg in Sweden & Drayton Manor here in the UK to name but a couple.

Le Festival Toutatis will officially launch at the iconic french theme park Parc Astérix this coming April!

Le Sanglier D’Or is however set to be a fully themed, immersive new childrens playground and has been slated to be one of the park’s BIGGEST yet.

Le Festival Toutatis also includes La Boutique Toutatis – a fully themed gift shop & 2 catering units in the form of Au Dolmen Gourmand & Au Dolmen Sucré.

Guests visiting Parc Astérix can look forward to checking out Le Festival Toutatis from April 8th!

Will you be visiting the park this year to grab your first ride’s on both Toutatis & Chez Gyrofolix?