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When Rides Let You Down!

When Rides don’t quite Live Up to your Expectations & Let You Down! Rides that leave you Feeling Let Down! There’s nothing worse is there? Have you ever stepped off a ride having completely hyped it up to find out you really shouldn’t have bothered? If you answered YES, then believe

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Five UK Rides That Would Make Great Movies!

Five Theme Park Rides I Feel Would Transfer Perfectly To Movie Script! Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion and Jungle Cruise! These are just some of the most well known rides and attractions to have seen the big screen treatment over the years. When it comes to adapting their attractions


How to Conquer your Fear of Riding!

We’ve all been there, that guttural instinct of fear and apprehension, those cold sweats and trembling nerves as you stand looking upwards at the giant tracked monster in your sights!


Valhalla Reimagining officially announced as delayed until 2022!

CEO of Blackpool Pleasure Beach officially announces via Twitter the delayed reopening of Valhalla until 2022! It was officially confirmed this afternoon that fans of Blackpool Pleasure Beaches most iconic viking themed water based dark ride Valhalla will have to wait a further season until they are able to get


What makes the perfect dark ride?

What in our opinion makes for the perfect dark ride and what ride elements contribute most when making this a reality? When it comes to a truly immersive and inclusive experience, in our opinion there is only so much a roller coaster or flat ride can achieve! That’s where dark


What did we think of re-opening weekend 2020?!

What did we think of re-opening weekend and why was there such a difference between our two visits?! It’s extremely safe to say that July 4th 2020 will go down in theme park enthusiast history as the day we all got our lives back! On July 4th after nearly three


The Big One – Blackpool Pleasure Beach, UK!

The Big One (aka. The Pepsi Max Big One) – 1994 Arrow Dynamics Hyper Coaster located at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in Blackpool, Lancashire, UK. You know the one! You’re driving up the motorway towards Blackpool excited for your day out and the many hours of coaster riding that lie ahead