Rocky Mountain Construction To Launch T-REX Coaster This Year?

Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC) To Officially Launch Their T-REX Coaster Model This Year?

Rocky Mountain Construction (Aka. RMC) have been at it again this morning (21/02/2024) teasing fans with their most anticipated roller coaster type yet.

The T-REX coaster – a brand new, much larger single rail roller coaster model capable of reaching heights of up to 500ft has been on roller coaster enthusiast’s bucket lists as one they want to ride most for a very long time.

To date though the Idaho based ride manufacturer has yet to construct one of their monstrous T-REX models at any park worldwide.

This morning however Rocky Mountain Construction teased fans once again with an image featuring their famous three peaks logo and a green plastic T-REX dinosaur skeleton in the foreground with the caption “did yOu hOnestly think we wereN’t liStening?”.

Now although the manufacturer has teased new products in the past using images featuring a Tyrannosaurus Rex, this morning’s image is the first time they featured the dino so prominently.

"did yOu hOnestly think we wereN’t liStening?" - Could the T-REX coaster finally be coming to a park worldwide soon?

What’s more, if you take a closer look at the caption featured with today’s post you’ll notice four letters stand out in particular – 2 x O’s, 1 x N & 1 x S.

This of course creates the word “SOON” when rearranged and put in the correct order. Now, yes we could well be clutching at straws here (and it’s highly likely they’re just trolling fans with the T-REX again) but given how prominent the plastic dinosaur is in the image we have to admit it looks more likely now than it ever has.

There are also a few parks currently in the U.S. that are rumoured to be getting MAJOR new coasters over the next few years, Busch Gardens Tampa & Busch Gardens Williamsburg in particular.

Taking all of this into account we feel very hopeful that the time for the T-REX to rise may be just around the corner.

If so, then we’d hope to see an  announcement from Rocky Mountain Construction themselves coming to their socials over the next few months or perhaps at one of this year’s IAAPA Expos.

If built to it’s full potential, a T-REX coaster would undoubtedly be a game changer for the manufacturer & although RMC wouldn’t technically be the first to break the 500ft threshold (that record currently seems to be going to Intamin) then it would almost certainly cement them as one of the most up and coming ride manufacturers of our time for sure.

Regardless, today’s teaser certainly fills us full of hope where seeing the T-REX model officially launched to the industry is concerned and we look forward to finding out more about what they plan to launch in the months ahead.