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Fun Spot America Atlanta announces 2022 RMC IBOX Hybrid!

Fun Spot America Atlanta officially announces brand new RMC IBOX Hybrid thrill coaster for their 2022 Season! Fun Spot America Atlanta are primarily known for their fantastic, thrilling family rides and attractions, however what they have planned for the 2022 season will well and truly place them firmly back on


Is Single Rail the Way Forward?

It’s no secret that over the last five years at the least roller coaster manufacturers across the world have really stepped up their game when it comes to looking for the next unique way to thrill their customers!


RMC – Why all the Fuss?!

Why is there so much hype surrounding industry leading roller coaster manufacturer Rocky Mountain Construction (aka. RMC)? It’s no secret that when it comes to the modern theme park and attractions industry we have today there is one roller coaster manufacturer who currently stands out above all others in speculation


Iron Gwazi – Bringing the BITE back to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay in 2021!

We share our first thoughts and reactions on today’s official pov reveal of one of Florida’s most anticipated roller coasters of 2021 – Iron Gwazi! Well, it’s finally happened!! After months of enthusiasts and the general public alike bugging the living daylights of out Busch Gardens Tampa Bay to reveal


Where will we see the UK’s First RMC?!

Where do we think we will see the UK’s first ever RMC and why? We share our thoughts on where we think we will see it versus where we would like to see it! RMC –  those three little letters that make every UK coaster enthusiast drool with lust as