Silver Dollar City Launches NEW Coaster Inspired Ice Cream!

Silver Dollar City Launches Tasty NEW Ice Cream Inspired By Their Latest New Attraction!

Silver Dollar City has announced the launch of a tasty new treat which is said to be inspired by their NEW for 2024 attraction.

Fire in the Hole – an immersive indoor roller coaster which first opened at the park back in 1972 has been totally re-imagined for the park’s 2024 season.

The new iteration of the ride has been brought to life alongside highly acclaimed, Idaho based ride manufacturers RMC (Rocky Mountain Construction) and features their iconic signature IBOX track.

The new version of the ride is said to make history as the Heartland’s LARGEST indoor roller coaster and has come in at a staggering cost of $30,000,000 to build.

The new ride will feature a total track length of 1,512 ft, reach speeds of up to 26 mph and last a total duration of 2 minutes and 51 seconds from start to finish.

Fire in the Hole has been completely re-imagined for Silver Dollar City's 2024 season in collaboration with Idaho based ride manufacturers Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC).

To celebrate the launch of the ‘new’ Fire in the Hole, Silver Dollar City have teamed up with highly acclaimed dairy producer Hiland Dairy to create a tasty new treat.

The brand new ice cream – aptly named “Fire in the Hole Ice Cream” is said to be inspired by the popular campfire sweet treat S’mores.

The ice cream combines creamy marshmallow, chocolate ribbons & crunchy graham cracker pieces to create a delectable new sweet treat reminiscent of the popular desert.

The new iced desert is also said to pay homage to the rich history of the Ozarks and takes inspiration from the legendary night when the Baldknobbers lit up the mining town of Marmaros.

Fire in the Hole’s storyline is also set around the exact same event and places riders in the shoes of those risking their lives to battle the blaze.

Hiland Dairy doesn’t just solely produce ice cream though and is well known for it’s other dairy produce too including (but not limited to) butter, cottage cheese, red Diamond Tea and their full range of dairy free options.

The popular dairy producer also features at 13 different locations throughout the midwest including Springfield which is near to where Silver Dollar City is based.

Fire in the Hole ice cream - exclusive to Silver Dollar City is said to be inspired by the popular campfire treat S'mores!

The partnership between Silver Dollar City and Hiland Dairy is not a new one though and to date has created 3 delicious flavours all unique to the park itself.

Speaking about the fiery collaboration, Sarah Carey marketing manager for Hiland Dairy says;

“we are thrilled to partner with Silver Dollar City to bring the magic of the Fire in the Hole roller coaster to our customers through our Fire in the Hole ice cream. Everyone loves the classic taste of S’mores, and this ice cream captures that flavour perfectly”

Fire in the Hole is set to relaunch at the park this year, however an exact opening date for the newly imagined ride is still yet to be announced by the park themselves.

The new ice cream is officially set to launch at retailers from April onwards and exclusive tastings will be available at Hannah’s Ice Cream Shop during the park’s opening day on March 9th.

Will you be treating yourself to some of Hiland Dairy’s delicious new ride inspired ice cream this season before taking on Fire in the Hole yourself?

Exclusive tastings of the brand new Fire in the Hole ice cream will be available at Hannah's Ice ream Shop during Silver Dollar City's 2024 opening day on March 9th.