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Abyssus – Should You Be Excited?!

It’s fair to say that when it comes to fast paced thrill rides and immersive theming EnergyLandia located in Poland is fast becoming THE place to visit for enthusiasts and the general public alike in Europe!


2020 – Looking back at a season with a difference!

Ok, let’s face it! When it comes to enjoying our passion, 2020 has been about as far from ideal as you can possibly get! That being said, we have still had some truly amazing times this year.


Intamin – Why All the Fuss?!

When it comes to brand new additions in 2021 there is one manufacturer who is absolutely dominating the line up of brand new roller coasters worldwide, and that name it Intamin!


Why ‘Inversion’ will absolutely knock Colossus out of the park in 2021!

Why you can be sure that Flamingo Land Resort’s brand new ten inversion roller coaster ‘Inversion’ will absolutely obliterate Colossus in 2021! Well, with 2020 turning out to be possibly the worst year on record for not only the theme park enthusiast community, but the entire world as a whole


RMC – Why all the Fuss?!

Why is there so much hype surrounding industry leading roller coaster manufacturer Rocky Mountain Construction (aka. RMC)? It’s no secret that when it comes to the modern theme park and attractions industry we have today there is one roller coaster manufacturer who currently stands out above all others in speculation


Where will we see the UK’s First RMC?!

Where do we think we will see the UK’s first ever RMC and why? We share our thoughts on where we think we will see it versus where we would like to see it! RMC –  those three little letters that make every UK coaster enthusiast drool with lust as