Nemesis Inferno – Thorpe Park Resort, UK. A Full Review!

We share our official thoughts on Nemesis's younger sister located deep within the jungle of the 'Island like no other'!

Fast, furious and downright exhilarating!

These are just a few descriptive terms with which you can use to accurately describe your experience of riding one of Thorpe Park‘s most iconic coasters.

Nemesis Inferno which opened at the resort on 05th of April 2003 has become synonymous with the ‘island like no other’ as one of the resort’s must ride attractions.

Due to the fame this coaster has amassed over the years (especially post Inbetweeners appearance) Nemesis Inferno continues it’s fiery reign with vigour and prominence even to this day.

We have to point out the obvious fact here however!

Although the ride sports the legendary Nemesis brand, Nemesis Inferno’s storyline has no direct connection to that of it’s sister attraction located at Alton Towers Resort.

The only similarities here are the name and the ride model (a B&M Invert).

The Ride Entrance signage displays the same brand lettering as the original Nemesis ride of 1994.
So what can you expect?

Make no mistake, despite having no direct connection to the theme of it’s sister attraction this incredibly intense ride is still an absolute beast in it’s own right.

Plunging riders straight down a banked turn and into fiery volcanic tunnel immediately after exiting the station this brilliant addition starts out as it means to go on – with stamina!

Hitting the first lift with some speed riders climb to a height of 95.2ft before plummeting straight into an onslaught of forceful inversions, raw speed and a good amount of airtime to boot.

This fantastic ride reaches a total speed of 47.8 mph, hits 4.5 G’s at it’s most intense and lasts just 1 minute and 43 seconds from start to finish across a total track length of 2,460.7ft.

There are also some fantastic near miss elements throughout the ride too.

These are created by the well landscaped jungle themed terrain and planting surrounding the ride.

On a good day you may also experience the hidden fire themed special effects within the tunnel, however as time has passed these have sadly become less and less reliable.

The Iconic interlocking corkscrews are also very visually pleasing too and provide for some of the most forceful moments throughout your ride as a whole.

The Iconic interlocking corkscrews provide a great photo opportunity off ride
What do we think?

So, the main question here is what did we think of our experience?

Nemesis Inferno provides an action packed ride experience from start to finish.

The near miss elements come regularly and in abundance and the floater airtime is something else entirely.

The Vertical Loop directly after the descent off the lift provides a truly face melting moment of intense, forceful euphoria making this ride worth boarding alone.

The rest of the ride inflicts a perfect storm of inversions (of which there are 4 in total) and speed leaving you breathless and thirsting for more once you hit the brake run.

Overall, despite the fact Nemesis Inferno falls short of it’s counterpart when it comes to both themeing and setting, this iconic coaster still manages to pack an adrenaline filled gut punch regardless.

We would definitely recommend checking this ride out for yourselves, especially if you have yet to ride it!

The Vertical Loop after the first drop provides a truly face melting kick of adrenaline!