IMAscore Thorpe Park Soundtrack – A Full Review!

IMAscore Thorpe Park Soundtrack - Adrenaline fuelled, sun drenched tropical vibes straight to your front room!

IMAscore are most well known for the epic quality of the music they produce.

For this reason the company have been known to produce music for everything from theme parks and attractions to even videogames and movie trailers too over the years.

Most recently IMAscore were even employed by Phantasialand‘s creative team to help breathe life into their brand new area Rookburgh which is officially due to open in 2021.

Over the last 5 years however IMAscore worked extremely closely with one park here in the UK to revive it’s tropical theme and help create an iconic sound immediately recognisable as being specific to that park.

That park was of course Thorpe Park!

Official Soundtrack display Case
The sound of the island like no other!

Bringing punchy rhythms mixed with sundrenched tropical vibes this brilliant album helps to bring the sound of ‘The Island like No Other’ straight to doorstep.

Featuring 26 iconic tracks spaced over a 2 disc set, the Thorpe Park soundtrack brings the sound of the island straight into the heart of your home like never before.

Featuring everything from the Iconic, punchy theme of the island to the dreaded sounds of Fright Nights this must have album helps to put fans at the heart of the resort without having to pay the price of admission!

The album also features the sounds of the resort’s onsite accommodation, the Thorpe Shark Cabins and even includes a nod to one of Thorpe Park Fright Night’s most legendary scare attractions – The Big Top!

Track listing as seen on IMAscore's official site
What do we think?

In our opinion there is no better way to get yourself through the winter months than by reminiscing over the season just past, and this fantastic soundtrack definitely makes this process easier.

With the music being such an easy listen we definitely feel that IMAscore have really helped to bring this iconic resort to life in a way that wasn’t the case previously.

The music is also very catchy and as such we regularly find ourselves humming this earworm whilst going about our everyday life.

Out of all the tracks on the album it is track nine on disc one (Cast Away – Port & Basecamp) we find ourselves listening to most.

In our opinion this album strikes the perfect balance between the tropical euphoria of the summer months and the darkened despair brought by Fright Nights and Derren Brown himself.

Thorpe Park Resort - The Island like No Other!
How do I get one and how much is it?

If you fancy owning your very own piece of the Island like no other then you can do so by visiting IMAscore’s official online store.

This two disc album is currently priced at €19.95 (just over £18.00) with shipping being extra.

The cost of shipping does however depend on location with rates being as follows as per IMAscore’s official store; €3.50 inside Germany, €5.50 inside the EU and €9.50 outside of the EU.

Although in our opinion this certainly isn’t the cheapest album to buy, we can’t recommend getting your hands on a copy enough!

After all, what better way is there to get yourself through the cold and dreary winter months of closed season than with the sun drenched tropical sounds of an adrenaline packed island paradise?!