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A big day out at Yorkshire Wildlife Park! Aaron shares all!

Yorkshire Wildlife Park – An absolute must for families and animal lovers alike! It’s no secret that Yorkshire Wildlife Park is considered by many to be one of Yorkshire’s top family tourist attractions, however there is so much more going on behind the scenes at this fantastic attraction than just

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We reveal our official Top 10 UK Coasters!

Here at Theme Park Insanity we reveal our official Top 10 UK Coasters to date! When it comes to the UK roller coaster and indeed theme park industry there are so many great rides and experiences out there that it really is difficult to pinpoint exactly which roller coaster out


Rita – Alton Towers Resort, UK!

Rita – 2005 Intamin Accelerator Coaster – Alton Towers Resort, Staffordshire, UK! If you dare to venture down to the Dark Forest and tread deep amongst the overgrown foliage deep within then you may find something rather strange and untoward nestled amongst the undergrowth! Be very careful however, for once


Virtual Towers Online talks to Theme Park Insanity!

Theme Park Insanity sits down with the creative geniuses behind one of the most up and coming theme park sims online to date – Virtual Towers Online! It’s no secret that when it comes to gaming within the theme park enthusiast community nowadays there is one name which is taking