Intamin – Why All the Fuss?!

Intamin, what's all the fuss about? Who are they? We take a closer look at the reasons behind all of the hype!

When it comes to brand new roller coasters set to open around the world in 2021, there is one manufacturer who is taking the industry by storm!

Their name? Intamin (Intamin Amusement Rides)!

Combining creativity with innovation Intamin have really upped their game in recent years shifting their focus towards the future, rather than the present.

New additions by Intamin set to open in 2021 include Kondaa at Walibi Belgium and of course Jurassic World Velocicoaster opening at Universal Orlando Resort‘s Islands of Adventure.

Focusing on these two game changing rides alone it’s easy to see why this Swiss rides manufacturer is catching the eye of every hardened roller coaster enthusiast around the globe!

But who are Intamin? Where did they come from and what sets them apart from the current competition?

Jurassic World VelociCoaster set to open at Universal orlando in 2021 - Credit: Universal Orlando Resort.
Who are Intamin Amusement Rides?

Founded in Bern, Switzerland in 1967 Intamin Amusement Rides (aka. Intamin) have continued to push the envelope when it comes to being as creative and forward thinking as possible in their approach.

Although Intamin are primarily known for their roller coasters, the company has also created many a flat ride along the way too.

The most notable of which includes their world famous Gyro Swing and of course their incredible Gyro Drop Tower (aka. Falcon’s Fury at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay).

In recent years however Intamin have really started to think outside the box where creating new and exciting experiences are concerned.

This is shown particularly well by the companies first ever Launched Single Rail roller coaster The Big Dipper which set to open at Luna Park Sydney next year.

Big Dipper set to open at Luna Park Sydney as part of 9 new rides set to come to the park from 2021 onwards!
What does the future hold?

When you look at what next year’s additions offer with regards to their elements alone, it’s clear that Intamin really are ahead of the game where original concept designs are concerned.

Kondaa’s non-inverting Cobra Roll alone is testament to just how incredibly unique and outlandish their ride designs have become in recent times.

By adopting this approach Intamin are certainly managing to grab the attention of the public where appeal for their attractions are concerned.

Another prime example of this is Pantheon (Busch Gardens Williamsburg‘s 2021 Blitz coaster)!

The amount of hype this ride has received by the enthusiast community as a whole since first being announced back in late 2019 is INSANE.

The one thing that each and every one of their newest additions has in common however is originality!

It’s fair to say that Velocicoaster and Kondaa are certainly pushing boundaries where creativity and imagination are concerned.

We therefore predict that over the next 5 years it’s highly likely we will be seeing many more new additions by this manufacturer opening worldwide.

Konaa - Walibi Belgium's brand new Mega Coaster opening in 2021!
Imagination and a keen eye for detail!

The last thing to point out here is the incredibly keen eye for detail Intamin seem to have when it comes to their ride trains.

Every new ride train we have seen so far (particularly Velocicoaster’s) appears incredibly detailed and unique.

Even Kondaa’s new train seems to be perfectly suited to the overall alleged theme the ride appears set to embrace.

It’s fair to say that this is something which seems to have been at the forefront of the ride manufacturer’s newest additions ever since the likes of Taron at Phantasialand back in 2016.

When it comes to creating an experience the one thing that most manufacturers now seem to be considering is immersion, and Intamin are definitely no exception in respect of this.

Taron at Phantasialand is an epic fantasy based romp of pure adrenaline and thrills!
In Conclusion

In conclusion Intamin have certainly proven themselves a world class competitor where new rides and attractions are concerned in recent years.

As such we definitely feel that the hype surrounding them is  more than justified considering the sheer calibre of originality most of their recent rides possess.

For that reason the only things we expect to see where this industry leader is concerned is continued growth and expansion as well as increased demand across the board.

If there is one dead certain where Intamin is concerned then it’s this! Their future is definitely a very bright one indeed!