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A big day out at Yorkshire Wildlife Park! Aaron shares all!

Yorkshire Wildlife Park – An absolute must for families and animal lovers alike! It’s no secret that Yorkshire Wildlife Park is considered by many to be one of Yorkshire’s top family tourist attractions, however there is so much more going on behind the scenes at this fantastic attraction than just


Iron Gwazi – Bringing the BITE back to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay in 2021!

We share our first thoughts and reactions on today’s official pov reveal of one of Florida’s most anticipated roller coasters of 2021 – Iron Gwazi! Well, it’s finally happened!! After months of enthusiasts and the general public alike bugging the living daylights of out Busch Gardens Tampa Bay to reveal


2020 – A Dramatic Season of Change!

2020 – How a global pandemic changed the way we enjoy theme parks and attractions for the foreseeable in a dramatic and uncompromising way! As closed season 2019 finally drew to a close and the 2020 season began back on a cold and windy February weekend on the Flyde Coast


Rita – Alton Towers Resort, UK!

Rita – 2005 Intamin Accelerator Coaster – Alton Towers Resort, Staffordshire, UK! If you dare to venture down to the Dark Forest and tread deep amongst the overgrown foliage deep within then you may find something rather strange and untoward nestled amongst the undergrowth! Be very careful however, for once


What did we think of re-opening weekend 2020?!

What did we think of re-opening weekend and why was there such a difference between our two visits?! It’s extremely safe to say that July 4th 2020 will go down in theme park enthusiast history as the day we all got our lives back! On July 4th after nearly three