MAHUKA Finishes Construction At Walibi Rhône-Alpes.

MAHUKA Has Finished Track Installation At Walibi Rhône-Alpes In France!

MAHUKA – a BRAND NEW roller coaster set to open at Walibi Rhône-Alpes in France later this year has officially completed track installation.

The new ride which will make up the headline attraction in a newly created area is set to be the first of it’s kind in Europe & the second of it’s kind anywhere in the world.

The Hot Racer coaster is a recently launched single rail roller coaster model created by innovative Swiss ride manufacturer Intamin & first debuted at Luna Park in Sydney, Australia in 2021 in the form of Big Dipper.

The ride itself is similar in design to the former track featured on Steeplechase featuring a ’rounded’ appearance.

The single rail roller coaster concept is however nothing new and has been primarily best known in recent times due to Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC)’s Raptor coaster concept.

Indeed, Walibi Holland are also set to debut Europe’s FIRST EVER Raptor coaster in 2025 with their new, dueling raptor coaster which will feature two very different experiences – one inverting and one none inverting.

Full details of this new ride are still yet to be released, however it’s safe to say they’ll certainly prove very popular once open with theme park enthusiasts Europe wide.

MAHUKA  will open to the public this year though and with track now complete it can sure only be a matter of time before we start seeing their fantastic new ride testing.

Track installation of MAHUKA is now complete and hopefully we'll start to see the new roller coaster testing very soon.

So what can we expect from Europe’s first ever Intamin Hot Racer coaster when it finally opens later this year?

Well, according to the stats on MHAUKA will reach speeds of up to 41.6 mph, heights of up to 59.1 ft and will feature 3 inversions throughout it’s 1,968.5 ft of steel track.

The new coaster will also form part of a newly created, jungle themed land which is said to feature inspiration drawn from Hawaii – hence the name which is said to be Hawaiian for “to escape”.

On their official website Walibi Rhone Alpes describe what guests can expect from their new addition as follows;

Through MAHUKA (“to escape” in Hawaiian), visitors are invited into the heart of the remains of an abandoned temple… But be careful not to provoke the Fire God, or risk becoming a prisoner of his temple. Escape the site… escape your fears… once you’re inside the attraction, there’s no escaping the thrill!”

Along with this the park have also released an animated concept POV which showcases what MAHUKA should be like to ride once open. You can check out said video at the bottom of the article.

MAHUKA is also said to feature 13 points of airtime throughout the ride, 2 launches & will feature a height restriction of just 1.2 meters meaning younger thrill seekers will have the chance to take a ride.

Are you excited for the launch of MAHUKA at Walibi Rhone Alpes later this year? We’d love to hear your thoughts and expectations for this thrilling new ride in the comments below!