Alton Towers Project Ocean Ride Confirmed?

Alton Towers Project Ocean Ride Type Confirmed?

Could Alton Towers’ Project Ocean ACTUALLY be the long anticipated return of Ripsaw mark II to the resort if approved?

In a twist of fate today a video showed up in our YouTube feed showing a Huss Top Spin testing at a festival in Germany last year and we have to say the similarities between the ride featured and Alton Towers’ planning application are striking to say the least.

This then got us thinking – could Alton Towers actually be planning to bring a brand new, immersively themed Huss Top Spin to the park in the years ahead?

If you take a look at 3D concept images featured within Project Ocean’s planning application and then take a look at the ride featured in the video we can see that both feature the cylindrical structures at either side of the ride.

What’s more, both the attraction proposed and the original Ripsaw ride both reach the exact same height of 18 meters (and this is surely no coincidence).

To further support this as mentioned in our last article we also mentioned rumours of a much loved attraction making it’s triumphant return to the resort in the years ahead.

With all of the aforementioned in mind we have to say today’s discovery certainly poses a plausible (and ultimately very strong) argument for a new generation Topspin making it’s debut at the park in the near future.

This is of course all just speculation and we could be very wrong indeed, however the similarities between the ride featured and the planning images seem to line up very well indeed.

Check out the image of the ride featured in the video below. What do you think? Could Alton Towers’Project Ocean be the long awaited return of Ripsaw at Alton Towers?