Hyperia’s Height Restriction CONFIRMED By Thorpe Park!

Hyperia's Height Restriction Has Been CONFIRMED By Thorpe Park!

Hyperia’s height restriction has officially been confirmed by Thorpe Park this morning as well as some other new information about the ride’s area & features.

The park’s NEW Mack Rides hyper coaster which is still slated as “Opening Spring 2024” will feature a total height restriction for riders of 1.3 meters (4ft 26″).

This means that Thorpe Park’s record breaking new roller coaster will feature the exact same height restriction as ICON at Blackpool Pleasure Beach (now called Pleasure Beach Resort).

Given how intense and ‘full on’ Hyperia is likely to be this restriction seems quite mind blowing, however as we all know MACK Rides know exactly what they are doing with regards to rider safety.

Hyperia has been confirmed to feature a height restriction of 1.3 meter (4ft 26") by Thorpe Park when it finally opens to the public this Spring.

As well as revealing Hyperia’s height restriction fans of the park have also been gifted with their FIRST LOOK at how the new ride will be featured on the park’s 2024 map.

Along with this the names of Hyperia’s retail and photo unit & catering unit have also been confirmed too.

Guests will have their chance to peruse the heavenly goods on offer in the “Hyporium” upon exiting the ride.

The Hyporium will feature a range of official ride merchandise as well as your chance to bag yourselves an on ride photo commemorating your ride on the UK’s NEW tallest & fastest roller coaster.

Guests will then have the chance to kick back and relax with a heavenly treat or two courtesy of “Cloud 9 Treats”.

Exactly WHAT will be on offer at this new catering unit is still yet to be confirmed, however given the name we’re definitely expecting something sweet and bad for you haha.

There’s certainly not going to be anything better than taking in the views of the splash down plaza whilst munching on a treat or two in your BRAND NEW Hyperia t-shirt or hoodie that’s for sure.

Along with all of the above Thorpe Park also revealed the rest of their 2024 offering with the reveal of their official 2024 theme park map – see below!

Above shows Thorpe Park's NEW 2024 theme park map which confirms the ride's height restriction, catering unit name and retail unit name.