Drayton Manor Reveal New Name For Shockwave.

Drayton Manor Have Revealed Shockwave's New Name & Theme!

Drayton Manor appear to have revealed their chosen name for the upcoming relaunch of the park’s iconic stand up roller coaster Shockwave.

Shockwave first opened at the park back in 1994 and was the only stand up roller coaster in the UK prior to it’s closure at the end of 2023.

Drayton Manor revealed that the ride would be changing for good the following year with the introduction of brand new, sit down trains which will accommodate younger thrill seekers at a height of 1.2 meters.

In an official teaser for the new iteration of Shockwave today (01/03/2024) Drayton Manor revealed the ride will now sport a beach surfing theme as well as a possible name – “The Wave”.

This comes following a shot included within the trailer which shows the backs of the ‘parents’ in the video and the t-shirts they’re wearing.

On there sits a slogan – “Brave The Wave”. This to us hints heavily at the fact Shockwave’s new name for 2024 could well be The Wave.

Along with this the teaser features two younger riders showing the park are continuing their journey down the ‘family thrill’market and that younger riders will now have the chance to ride it.

Today’s teaser feels as though it could also be part of a larger marketing campaign for the ride as well which we expect could continue over the coming days.

Check out Drayton Manor’s official teaser for the relaunch of Shockwave below and share your thoughts and predictions of what you think the name could be in the comments below!