Why EFTELING Is The World’s BEST Theme Park!

Why Efteling Is The BEST Theme Park In The World!

Here at TPI we thought it was about time to share our thoughts on Efteling including what lead us to become annual passholders and why the park has had such an impact on us, not just as individuals, but also across our page on the whole (including why we love this immersive wonderful park so much).

Where to start? Well, I myself (Matt) had only heard a few mentions of “The Magic Of Efteling” and didn’t know much about the park itself. If it wasn’t for my best friend Kelly (who I’ve known for over 30 years) then I probably wouldn’t have got to visit such an amazing park.

We therefore decided that we’d make our FIRST EVER visit to this wonderful park in August of 2022! 

"Here at TPI we thought it was about time to share our thoughts on Efteling including what lead us to become annual passholders"

As you approach the Efteling Hotel from the N621 you immediately start to see the theming & magical appearance evolve as you venture down towards the main car park.

The grand entrance becomes visible & the attention to detail on the entrance plaza is second to none.

The music being piped around the area begins your immersive journey and who knows? You may even get a glimpse of Pardoes waving you into the park!

Once on the entrance plaza (known as “The House Of Five Senses “) you find yourself standing in front of a 52 metre (171ft) wooden structure adorned with unique lighting, immense stained glass windows (which include the park’s history etched into them) and incredibly welcoming staff. This area is 4,500 square metres of what will become your Journey into a magical park.

Upon entering the park, the immersion continues with the gift shop & themed buildings consisting of Caro (the parks theatre) attached to Pinokkios Pizza and Pasta Restaurant.

You begin your magical journey in front of the lake where you’ll see large frogs wearing crowns. This is where Aquanura – the water show takes place free of charge each night amazing guests with it’s dancing water jets all timed to music from the park’s various different rides and attractions (I’d definitely say this is best viewed after dark).

I would however advise you get there early as its very popular, however show times for the fountain show are listed on the park’s official app.

"Aquanura - the water show takes place free of charge each night amazing guests with it's dancing water jets all timed to music from the park's various different rides and attractions"

The park itself has a whole host of different rides & attractions suitable for all ages including bigger rides for thrill seekers and much more easy going rides for families with young children.

Some of these rides are over 70 years old! One thing Efteling pride themselves on is keeping their heritage very much alive (and this is something they do incredibly well)!

Our main goal for our first trip was to experience the iconic attractions Spookslot. This was a spooky themed show complete with a fully immersive walk through queue line (they do this so well).

We knew this the attraction was soon scheduled for demolition so was an absolute  MUST. For those who didn’t know Spookslot is Dutch for “The Haunted Castle”.

Spookslot’s wooden doors first creaked open on May 10th 1978 & 2 days later a television special was aired with the one and only Kate Bush singing in & around the attraction!

We loved Spookslot so much that we experienced the attraction much more than just the once. The iconic Danse Macabre music pumped through the show building and animatronics, Peppers Ghost illusions & dancing grave stones danced along in time to the music.

Sadly 7 days later Spookslot closed its doors to the public for the final time with the park’s staff experiencing one last run through of the iconic attraction.

This year will however see something very special reopen in it’s place expanding the former attraction’s spooktacular theme into a whole brand new area complete with a new headline dark ride (named after Spookslot’s iconic theme tune).

Spookslot closed its doors to the public for the final time with the park's staff experiencing one last run through of the iconic attraction.

Our first visit also saw us experience the likes of Baron 1898. This B&M Dive Coaster is very uniquely themed from start to finish.

The soundtrack, pre show and ride itself is heavily themed in such a way that you find yourself fully immersed into the attraction’s storyline from the start. The colours featured heighten your senses and leave you in total state of awe.

All of us here at TPI have a HUGE amount of love for dark rides. Now then, Symbolica – where do I start? As you approach this ETF Ride Systems Multi Mover, you’re immediately captivated by the show building’s entrance (The Palace Of Fantasy) which is set high atop a rocky base, complete with stained glass windows and some truly next level theming.

The queue line is also well themed too, however the wow factor starts with the pre show – not giving too much away here but the whole ride is an explosion of story lines.

The theming is done so incredibly well that (in my opinion) it rivals some of big parks. The use of smell pods, the attention to detail and music featured  all help to create a truly, one of a kind experience.

The through put is also very good & riders are present with 3 different challenges on this ride making Symbolica VERY re-rideable!

The ride vehicles are also interactive and use touch pads to allow those seated at the front to complete the challenges set throughout (we still haven’t figured out what we are meant to do lol).

Symbolica Aka. The Palace of Fantasy is a magical and immersive attraction featuring trackless vehicles and interactive elements throughout.

To date, we’ve experienced over 80% of the rides on park & always manage to come off with a smile on our faces.

The staff are absolutely fantastic and really take time out to fully engage with you. A lot of staff are also bilingual so never feel afraid to approach or ask anyone anything. Their name badges also show flags of what languages they can speak. In our experience, the staff really help to make your day too and are a real credit to the park.

There are also a huge variety of different shows to watch throughout your day on park too. One absolute MUST is Raveleijn.

This incredible show is actor lead and is located inside an immersively themed setting. The show also features an actual fire breathing dragon!

the whole show lasts for about 45 minutes and features stunts, horses & wild birds, disappearing people and so much more. Raveleijn is included in the cost of admission.

Raveleijn is a live actor lead show featuring stunts, wild birds and horses, an immersive setting and features a real, fire breathing dragon!

All rides are very well themed & operations are second to none too. Queues tend to move quite quickly and in our experience, we’ve only really experienced one breakdown whilst queuing out of all the times we’ve visited (which is pretty substantial now to be fair).

We do however suggest taking a look at the scheduled maintenance page on the park’s official website (as Efteling operates all year round & they’re so hot on maintenance) prior to visiting.

Park hours are really good too. We much prefer summer when the park stays open from 10AM to 10PM. This is when the park really comes alive (even more so at night) with it’s mind blowing lighting packages.

The winter offering is just as magical and immersive too and features everything from live singers to open fires, delicious food and drink& so much more!

Efteling features around 45 differently themed catering locations, all serving up a variety of different food and drink options throughout the day.

From sit down locations to unique vending machines, food is prepared fresh on park every day. Prices are also very reasonable too and you tend to get a lot for your money (something we feel UK parks could definitely improve upon).

There are also around 10 different souvenir shops too, but the BIGGEST one (naturally) is located near the entrance.

They also provide a service where by any souvenirs you purchase throughout the day can be delivered directly to you at the hotel saving you the hassle of having to cart them around during your visit.

Efteling features around 45 differently themed catering locations throughout the park - each offering something different and unique!

Now if you fancy taking a break to relax after eating or maybe just fancy a wander, the Fairy tale Forest is an absolute must.

There are so many hidden gems to interact with retelling fairy tales through the use of animatronics, holograms & buildings you can wander in and out of!

Oh, and don’t miss the Pooping Donkey! For one euro you can make this donkey raise it’s tail and poop out a coin!

This area certainly amuses the little ones and is set against the backdrop of Quaint,heavily themed buildings.

There’s so much to see & do that in 2023 Myself and Kelly took the decision to purchase annual passes. The perks are TERRIFIC and the discounts on other European parks and Zoos are fantastic.

We’ve definitely got our moneys worth that’s for sure and our latest upcoming venture to Pleasure Beach Resort in Blackpool next month is the latest free admission to be gained from purchasing one.

"Don't miss the Pooping Donkey! For one euro you can make this donkey raise it's tail and poop out a coin!"

I can’t express just how much of a special place Efteling holds in my heart! Even after making so many visits we’re still finding things we’ve NEVER seen before!

We highly advise spending at least 2 full days on park to start with just to allow you to get your bearings, discover and navigate your way around.

However, why stop there?! Efteling also features 3 on site hotels (including a brand new one opening next year) Lodges overlooking lakes and tree houses etc.

The choice is fantastic, whether you choose B&B, evening meals or self catering, all options are available and include park tickets in the price of your stay too.

We’ve enjoyed so many visits to this magical park since first visiting in August of 2022 and we don’t plan to change that any time soon! Our love for Efteling is HERE TO STAY!!

 – Matt.