Efteling Announces Record Breaking Attendance In 2022!


Efteling Announces 2022 Was It's BIGGEST Year Yet!

Efteling has announced that 2022 was officially it’s BIGGEST year yet as record numbers attended the resort throughout the year.

The family focused theme park based in Kaatsheuvel, Holland revealed a record 5.43 million guests attended throughout it’s 2022 season.

Efteling has also revealed they are particularly thrilled as they weren’t expecting such a turn out to occur due to a significant closure at the park during the earlier part of the year.

As a result, the resort reveal they also had a record year financially too securing the park’s financial stability for the foreseeable future.

During 2022, Efteling also played host to special pop up fairy tale event known as Efteling Wonderland which was held to mark the park’s 70th anniversary. 

Efteling Records it's highest number of visitors so far with a record 5.43 million visitors flocking to Efteling throughout 2022!

The Hendriksen family, who were visiting the park and listened to the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood together, said;

“Fairytale Day has been great fun; we have listened to the story together as a family, and this is really part of what the Efteling experience is all about.

We are so lucky to have been at the park today for this special occasion and all agree Efteling should do this more often!”

Fons Jurgens – General manager for Efteling also states;

“2022 proved once again that Efteling matters. We saw that the great relationship with our visitors ensured that delayed visits were made up.

The majority were school trips and season ticket holders. That inspires confidence. In addition, it is extremely nice that we were able to celebrate our 70th anniversary extensively with our visitors and employees last year.

We look back on a festive and financially excellent year with a good guest rating of 8.6 on average. This rating has returned to pre-2020 and 2021 levels.

We achieved this together with all employees and we are proud of that,”

Efteling first opened back in 1952 and to date has played host to more than 130 million visitors throughout it’s 70 year history.

Over the years Efteling has also grown to become one of Europe’s BIGGEST and most popular theme park resorts boasting an incredibly unique, highly immersive fairy tale atmosphere throughout.

2024 will however see the opening of entirely NEW land complete with a headline attraction which is set to be the first of it’s kind at any park worldwide.

Huyverwoud will play host to Danse Macabre – an 360 degree, immersive new dark ride housed inside a 20 meter high show building.

The rest of the land is said to be themed around the central characters the Charlatan Family.

Last month saw the new land’s catering outlet In den Swarte Kat & it’s accompanying bathroom facilities De Laetste Hoop open to the public.

The opening of Huyverwoud’s NEW facilities is said to give those brave enough their first taste of what they can expect from the BRAND NEW 17,000m2 themed area when it opens to the public in it’s entirety in 2024.

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